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musculus longus capitis

Official Latin term musculus longus capitis
Official subsidiary term long muscle of head
Entity identifier TAH:E1733
Type of entity pair generator
Materiality material
Link to the unit musculus longus capitis (par)
Links of entity generic: musculus longus capitis
specific: musculus longus capitis (par)
Lateral links left: musculus longus sinister capitis
right: musculus longus dexter capitis
Entity-oriented links Universal page Definition page
External links TA98 FMA
Partonomic links Level 2: musculi colli Short Extended
Taxonomic links Level 2: organum musculus Short Extended
Level 3: musculus columnae vertebralis
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Non Latin primary language English French Spanish Russian
Type of entity generic material single entity
Unit type pair unit
This entity is generator of a set.
This entity is generic
This entity concerns a material object
This entity has 3 dimensions
Latin terms
Official term
musculus longus capitis
Term status
Universal term
Specific pair (display)
musculus longus capitis (par)
Specific pair (formal)
Left member
musculus longus sinister capitis
Right member
musculus longus dexter capitis
Internal term
musculus longus capitis
TA98 main Latin term
a04.2.01.003 musculus longus capitis
TA98 precursor term
m. longus capitis
English terms
Official term
long muscle of head
Term status
Universal term
Official synonym
longus capitis
Specific pair (display)
long muscle of head (pair)
Specific pair (formal)
Left member
left long muscle of head
Right member
right long muscle of head
TA98 English equivalent
a04.2.01.003 longus capitis
Date: 05.09.2022