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Official Latin term nomen pigmentosus
Official subsidiary term word pigmented
Entity identifier TAH:E11834
Type of entity vocabulary
Materiality non physical entity
Unit type vocabulary unit
This entity is a non physical object.
Vocabulary for 11834
nomen pigmentosus
By adjective
5656/AFMB pair
nucleus parabrachialis pigmentosus
6944/AFMB pair
epithelium pigmentosum iridis
6956/AFMB pair
stratum pigmentosum retinae
7454/AFMB pair
lamina basalis epithelii pigmentosi choroideae
7482/AFMB pair
epithelium pigmentosum corporis ciliaris
7485/AFMB pair
epithelium nonpigmentosum corporis ciliaris
7509/AFMB pair
epithelium nonpigmentosum iridis
7646/AFMB pair
stratum pigmentosum foveae centralis
7650/AFMB pair
epithelium simplex cuboideum pigmentosum limbi posterioris retinae
12994/AFMB pair
epithelium pigmentosum choroideae
By prefix
7523/PFMB pset
pigmentocytus iridis
7652/PFMB pset
pigmentocytus retinae
Vocabulary by string
epithelium simplex cuboideum pigmentosum
stratum pigmentosum retinae
Number of occurrences
14 items
Latin terms
Official term
nomen pigmentosus
Term status
Universal term
Internal term
nomen pigmentosus
Vocabulary for
Adjective: pigmentosus Prefix: pigmento
English terms
Official term
word pigmented
Term status
Universal term
Vocabulary for
Adjective: pigmented Prefix: pigmento
Date: 08.10.2021