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relatio SubsetOf

Official Latin term relatio SubsetOf
Official subsidiary term SubsetOf relation
Entity identifier TAH:E11400
Type of entity taxonomic
Materiality non physical entity
Unit type taxonomic unit
This entity is a non physical object.
Latin terms
Official term
relatio SubsetOf
Term status
Universal term
Internal term
relatio SubsetOf
English terms
Official term
SubsetOf relation
Term status
Universal term
Taxonomic definition
Taxonomic definition The SubsetOf relation is a relation of set of material partition [relatio classis partitionis corporeae] which links a set of material entities to another set of material entities being a subset of the former.

The SubsetOf relation.

The SubsetOf relation is a specialisation of the PartOf relation and contributes as such to the definition of the partonomic hierarchy of TAH.

The SubsetOf relation links a father to a child which are both material composite unpaired entities. The father and the child entities have both a known generator entity, which governs the type of the constituent entities. The generator of the child entity is necessary linked to the generator of the father entity by an ISA link.

Example: [classis vertebrarum cervicalium] -> (SubsetOf) -> [classis vertebrarum] with the verified condition: [vertebra cervicalis] -> (ISA) -> [vertebra].

Name: SubsetOf

Display name: is subset of

Inverse relation name: HasSubset

Acronym : SSO

Conceptual schema: [Child entity A] -> (SubsetOf) -> [Father entity B]

Child entity A: material composite unpaired

Father entity B: material composite unpaired

Date: 26.03.2022