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relatio PartOf

Official Latin term relatio PartOf
Official subsidiary term PartOf relation
Entity identifier TAH:E11395
Type of entity taxonomic
Materiality non physical entity
Unit type taxonomic unit
This entity is a non physical object.
Latin terms
Official term
relatio PartOf
Term status
Universal term
Internal term
relatio PartOf
English terms
Official term
PartOf relation
Term status
Universal term
Taxonomic definition
Taxonomic definition The PartOf relation is a singular relation of material partition [relatio singularis partitionis corporeae] which links a material singular entity to a child material singular entity.

The PartOf relation.

The PartOf relation is the prototypical relation which is the basic model of all partonomic relations. It defines what is a part of some entity in the domain of anatomy.

The PartOf relation specifies a part of a father entity as a child entity sharing some matter with its father entity, when simultaneously there is some matter of the father entity which is not matter of the child entity. This definition based on the matter constituting anatomical entities (biological cells and related material) excludes relations of containment of an entity in another entity, because there is here no sharing of matter.

However, the PartOf relation, for the needs of the TAH, should be extended in order to cope either with immaterial entities or with dendronomic hierarchies. In the situation of immaterial entities, the matter in the above definition is the matter which is either bounded by the immaterial entity or the matter which could fill the immaterial spaces. In the situation of dendronomy, as for vessels, the PartOf relation becomes the BranchOf relation, documented elsewhere.

Example: [ligamentum ceratocricoideum] -> (PartOf) -> [articulatio cricothyroidea].

Name: PartOf

Inverse relation name: HasPart

Acronym: POF

Conceptual schema: [Child entity A] -> (PartOf) -> [Father entity B]

Child entity A: material singular unpaired

Father entity B: material singular unpaired

Date: 10.05.2023