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anatomia generalis

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TA98 partonomic list
Short official Latin term
Short English equivalent
nomina generalia 47 children
general terms
parts of human body
planes, lines and regions
261 lines
Type of list A1 for TA98
List Unit Identifier 9611
Sublist 1 99 plana, linea et regiones 0/160 on 30.5.2022
Sublist 2 9602 partes corporis humani 0/53 on 30.5.2022
Sublist 3 13111 nomina generalia anatomiae generalis 0/47 on 30.5.2022
Subtotals subunits 260
Proper units 1
Number of units 261 (validated)
Signature 7213 (validated since 30.5.2022)
Date: 30.05.2022