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organum gustatorium

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Top level organa sensuum Short Extended Trace
Current level organum gustatorium Short Extended
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TA98 Trace
TA98 Code TA98 preferred term and synonyms Type UID TAH official term
organum gustatorium; organum gustus
Single 7379
organum gustatorium
caliculus gustatorius; gemma gustatoria
Set 7380
canaliculus gustatorius
canaliculi gustatorii
porus gustatorius
Set 7381
porus gustatorius
pori gustatorii
TA98 entities: 3 TAH entities: 5
TA98 trace notes
Type of list A2T
List Unit Identifier 7379
Subtotals subchildren 0 subunits 0
Proper children 0
Invalid number of children Found children: 13
Check Sublist children: 0
Proper units 3
Invalid number of units Found units: 3
Check Found units: 0
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Date: 24.05.2022