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nuclei cerebelli

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Top level systema nervosum Short Extended Trace
Level 2 pars centralis Short Extended Trace
Level 3 cerebellum Short Extended Trace
Current level nuclei cerebelli List
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TA98 Trace
TA98 Code TA98 preferred term and synonyms Type UID TAH official term
PSet 5749
nucleus cerebelli
nuclei cerebelli
nuclei cerebelli (par)
nucleus dentatus; nucleus lateralis cerebelli
Pair 5750
nucleus dentatus cerebelli
nucleus dentatus cerebelli (par)
nucleus dentatus sinister cerebelli cerebelli
nucleus dentatus dexter cerebelli cerebelli
hilum nuclei dentati
Pair 5751
hilum nuclei dentati cerebelli
hilum nuclei dentati cerebelli (par)
nuclei dentati
nuclei dentati
nucleus interpositus anterior; nucleus emboliformis
Pair 5752
nucleus emboliformis cerebelli
nucleus emboliformis cerebelli (par)
nucleus emboliformis sinister cerebelli cerebelli
nucleus emboliformis dexter cerebelli cerebelli
nucleus interpositus posterior; nucleus globosus
Pair 5753
nucleus globosus cerebelli
nucleus globosus cerebelli (par)
nucleus globosus sinister cerebelli cerebelli
nucleus globosus dexter cerebelli cerebelli
nucleus fastigii; nucleus medialis cerebelli
Pair 5754
nucleus fastigii cerebelli
nucleus fastigii cerebelli (par)
nucleus sinister fastigii cerebelli cerebelli
nucleus dexter fastigii cerebelli cerebelli
TA98 entities: 6 TAH entities: 25
TA98 trace notes
Type of list A4
List Unit Identifier 5749
Number of units 6 (validated)
Signature 18617 (validated since 9.9.2019)
Date: 14.05.2022