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cortex cerebelli

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Top level systema nervosum Short Extended Trace
Level 2 pars centralis Short Extended Trace
Level 3 cerebellum Short Extended Trace
Current level cortex cerebelli List
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TA98 Trace
TA98 Code TA98 preferred term and synonyms Type UID TAH official term
a14.1.07.402 Single 5745
cortex cerebelli
stratum granulosum
Single 5746
stratum granulare corticis cerebelli
stratum purkinjense
Single 5747
stratum purkinjense corticis cerebelli
stratum moleculare
Single 5748
stratum moleculare corticis cerebelli
TA98 entities: 4 TAH entities: 4
TA98 trace notes
Type of list A4
List Unit Identifier 5745
Number of units 4 (validated)
Signature 305 (validated since 9.9.2019)
Date: 14.05.2022