1404 a03.3.00.001
juncturae thoracis
thoracic joints
1405 a03.3.01.001
syndesmoses thoracis
syndesmoses of thorax
1406 a03.3.01.002
membrana intercostalis externa
external intercostal membrane
1407 a03.3.01.014
membrana intercostalis interna
internal intercostal membrane
1408 a03.3.02.001
synchondroses thoracis
synchondroses of thorax
1409 a03.3.02.002
synchondrosis costosternalis
costosternal joint
1410 a03.3.02.003
synchondrosis costae primae
synchondrosis of first rib
1411 a03.3.02.004
synchondroses sternales
sternal synchondroses
1412 a03.3.02.005
symphysis xiphosternalis
xiphisternal joint
1413 a03.3.02.006
symphysis manubriosternalis
manubriosternal joint
1414 a03.3.02.007
(synchondrosis manubriosternalis)
(manubriosternal synchondrosis)
1415 a03.3.03.001
articulationes thoracis
synovial joints of thorax
1416 a03.3.04.001
articulationes costovertebrales
costovertebral joints
1417 a03.3.04.002
articulatio capitis costae
joint of head of rib
1418 a03.3.04.002
ligamentum radiatum capitis costae
radiate ligament of head of rib
1419 a03.3.04.002
ligamentum intraarticulare capitis costae
intra-articular ligament of head of rib
1420 a03.3.04.015
articulatio costotransversaria
costotransverse joint
1421 a03.3.04.006
ligamentum costotransversarium
costotransverse ligament
1422 a03.3.04.037
ligamentum costotransversarium superius
superior costotransverse ligament
1423 a03.3.04.048
ligamentum costotransversarium laterale
lateral costotransverse ligament
1424 a03.3.04.059
lig. lumbocostale
lumbocostal ligament
1425 a03.3.04.060
foramen costotransversarium
costotransverse foramen
1426 a03.3.05.001
articulationes sternocostales
sternocostal joints
1427 a03.3.05.002
lig. sternocostale intraarticulare
intra-articular sternocostal ligament
1428 a03.3.05.001
ligg. sternocostalia radiata
radiate sternocostal ligaments
1429 a03.3.05.001
membrana sterni
sternal membrane
1430 a03.3.05.001
ligg. costoxiphoidea
costoxiphoid ligaments
1431 a03.3.06.000
articulationes costochondrales
costochondral joints
1432 a03.3.07.001
articulationes interchondrales
interchondral joints