Chapter 5: Systema digestorium - Alimentary system

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The includes the oral cavities, the glands of the mouth and the tongue. The teeth are also localized there, though that formally they are not part of the alimentary system.

The describe the cavity porterior to the oral cavity, its walls and its muscles.

The is the next cavity in three parts: nasal part, oral part and laryngeal part.

The is next discribed, in particular the layers of its wall.

The is then considered, with details about its wall.

The sequentially includes the duodenum, the jejunum and the ileum.

The sequentially includes the caecum, the colon, the rectum and the anal canal.

The is detailled with its segmentation, as well as the hepatic duct.

The and its ducts is next considered.

The ends the list of organs of the alimentary system.

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Os - Mouth

Fauces - Fauces

Pharynx - Pharynx

Oesophagus - Oesophagus

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Gaster - Stomach

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Intestinum tenue - Small intestine

Intestinum crassum - Large intestine

Hepar - Liver

Vesica biliaris; vesica fellea - Gallbladder

Pancreas - Pancreas

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