Chapter 2: Ossa; Systema skeletale - Bones; Skeletal system

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The documents the generic entities specific to the skeletal system.

The describes all features of the skeletal system in the cranium except the specific cranial bones.

The complements the above section and considers in turn the 16 groups of bones constituting the cranium.

The considers the different vertebrae and the terminating bones at its bottom.

The is about the ribs, the sternum and the thoracic cage; the thoracic cavity and its contained parts are further described in the chapter 7.

Finally, the and the enumerate the skeletal system parts in the limbs.

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Nomina generalia - General terms

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Cranium - Cranium

Views by section

Ossa cranii - Bones of cranium

Columna vertebralis - Vertebral column

Skeleton thoracis - Thoracic skeleton

Ossa membri superioris - Bones of upper limb

Ossa membri inferioris - Bones of lower limb