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Saccus subcutaneus perinei

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Saccus subcutaneus perinei
Subcutaneous perineal pouch
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A09.5.01.001 Saccus subcutaneus perinei/compartimentum superficiale perinei/recessus profundus perinei The subcutaneous perineal pouch is a potential space between the membranous layer of perineal subcutaneous tissue and the superficial layer of the investing fascia of perineal muscles. Extravasations or collections in the subcutaneous pouch may track, deep to the membranous layer of subcutaneous tissue, into the anterior abdominal wall, along the clitoris/penis and/or into the labia or scrotum. The superficial pouch is a fully enclosed compartment, being bounded below by the perineal fascia (the superficial layer of the investing fascia of the superficial perineal muscles) and above by the perineal membrane. The deep perineal pouch, on the other hand, is not an enclosed compartment but is open above. This and the deep urogenital muscles are bounded below by the perineal membrane but extend up into the pelvis rendering the old terms diaphragma urogenitalis and fascia diaphragmatis urogenitale inferior misnomers. Oelrich T. M. 1980. "The Urethral Sphincter in the Male." Am J Anat 158: 229-264; Oelrich T. M. 1983. "The Striated Urogenital Sphincter in the Female." Anat Rec 205: 223-232; Roberts W. H., Habenicht J., Krishingner G. 1954. "The Pelvic and Perineal Fasciae and their Neural and Vascular Relationships." Anat Rec 149: 707-720.