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the integument
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A16.0.02.003 accessory accessory breast
A16.0.02.012 areola areola
A16.0.02.013 areolar areolar glands
A16.0.02.014 areolar areolar tubercles
A16.0.00.024 arrector arrector muscle of hair
A16.0.00.021 axillary axillary hairs
A16.0.02.007 axillary axillary process
A16.0.02.007 axillary axillary tail
A16.0.00.018 beard beard
A16.0.02.005 body body of breast
A16.0.01.004 body body of nail
A16.0.01.008 border free border
A16.0.01.006 border hidden border
A16.0.01.007 border lateral border
A16.0.02.003 breast accessory breast
A16.0.02.005 breast body of breast
A16.0.02.015 breast suspensory ligaments of breast
A16.0.02.015 breast suspensory retinaculum of breast
A16.0.02.001 breast breast
A16.0.00.006 caudale retinaculum caudale
A16.0.00.008 cleavage cleavage lines
A16.0.02.002 cleft intermammary cleft
A16.0.03.006 connective loose connective tissue
A16.0.00.010 corium corium
A16.0.00.027 crosses hair crosses
A16.0.00.004 dermal dermal ridges
A16.0.00.010 dermis dermis
A16.0.00.015 downy downy hair
A16.0.02.010 duct lactiferous duct
A16.0.00.007 elevations tactile elevations
A16.0.00.009 epidermis epidermis
A16.0.01.010 eponychium eponychium
A16.0.00.017 eyebrows eyebrows
A16.0.03.002 fatty fatty layer
A16.0.03.004 fibrous fibrous layer
A16.0.00.023 follicle hair follicle
A16.0.01.008 free free border
A16.0.02.008 gland lobes of mammary gland
A16.0.02.009 gland lobules of mammary gland
A16.0.02.006 gland mammary gland
A16.0.00.030 gland sebaceous gland
A16.0.00.029 gland sweat gland
A16.0.02.013 glands areolar glands
A16.0.00.028 glands skin glands
A16.0.00.024 hair arrector muscle of hair
A16.0.00.015 hair downy hair
A16.0.00.015 hair primary hair
A16.0.00.027 hair hair crosses
A16.0.00.023 hair hair follicle
A16.0.00.025 hair hair streams
A16.0.00.026 hair hair whorls
A16.0.00.021 hairs axillary hairs
A16.0.00.022 hairs pubic hairs
A16.0.00.014 hairs hairs
A16.0.00.016 hairs hairs of head
A16.0.00.019 hairs hairs of tragus
A16.0.00.020 hairs hairs of vestibule of nose
A16.0.00.016 head hairs of head
A16.0.01.006 hidden hidden border
A16.0.01.011 hyponychium hyponychium
A16.0.00.001 integument the integument
A16.0.02.002 intermammary intermammary cleft
A16.0.02.010 lactiferous lactiferous duct
A16.0.02.011 lactiferous lactiferous sinus
A16.0.01.007 lateral lateral border
A16.0.03.002 layer fatty layer
A16.0.03.004 layer fibrous layer
A16.0.03.005 layer membranous layer
A16.0.03.003 layer muscle layer
A16.0.00.011 layer papillary layer
A16.0.00.013 layer reticular layer
A16.0.00.005 ligaments skin ligaments
A16.0.02.015 ligaments suspensory ligaments of breast
A16.0.00.008 lines cleavage lines
A16.0.00.008 lines tension lines
A16.0.02.008 lobes lobes of mammary gland
A16.0.02.009 lobules lobules of mammary gland
A16.0.03.006 loose loose connective tissue
A16.0.01.005 lunule lunule
A16.0.02.008 mammary lobes of mammary gland
A16.0.02.009 mammary lobules of mammary gland
A16.0.02.006 mammary mammary gland
A16.0.01.002 matrix nail matrix
A16.0.03.005 membranous membranous layer
A16.0.03.003 muscle muscle layer
A16.0.00.024 muscle arrector muscle of hair
A16.0.01.004 nail body of nail
A16.0.01.001 nail nail
A16.0.01.002 nail nail matrix
A16.0.01.003 nail nail wall
A16.0.00.031 nerve nerve terminals
A16.0.02.004 nipple nipple
A16.0.00.020 nose hairs of vestibule of nose
A16.0.00.012 papillae papillae
A16.0.00.011 papillary papillary layer
A16.0.00.004 papillary papillary ridges
A16.0.01.009 perionyx perionyx
A16.0.00.015 primary primary hair
A16.0.02.007 process axillary process
A16.0.00.022 pubic pubic hairs
A16.0.00.013 reticular reticular layer
A16.0.00.006 retinaculum retinaculum caudale
A16.0.02.015 retinaculum suspensory retinaculum of breast
A16.0.00.004 ridges dermal ridges
A16.0.00.004 ridges papillary ridges
A16.0.00.030 sebaceous sebaceous gland
A16.0.02.011 sinus lactiferous sinus
A16.0.00.002 skin skin
A16.0.00.028 skin skin glands
A16.0.00.005 skin skin ligaments
A16.0.00.003 skin skin sulci
A16.0.00.025 streams hair streams
A16.0.03.001 subcutaneous subcutaneous tissue
A16.0.00.003 sulci skin sulci
A16.0.02.015 suspensory suspensory ligaments of breast
A16.0.02.015 suspensory suspensory retinaculum of breast
A16.0.00.029 sweat sweat gland
A16.0.00.007 tactile tactile elevations
A16.0.02.007 tail axillary tail
A16.0.00.008 tension tension lines
A16.0.00.031 terminals nerve terminals
A16.0.00.001 the the integument
A16.0.03.006 tissue loose connective tissue
A16.0.03.001 tissue subcutaneous tissue
A16.0.00.019 tragus hairs of tragus
A16.0.02.014 tubercles areolar tubercles
A16.0.00.020 vestibule hairs of vestibule of nose
A16.0.01.003 wall nail wall
A16.0.00.026 whorls hair whorls
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