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genital systems
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A09.1.02.002 abdominal abdominal ostium
A09.3.02.009 aberrant inferior aberrant ductule
A09.3.02.008 aberrant superior aberrant ductule
A09.3.02.007 aberrant aberrant ductules
A09.3.05.008 adventitia adventitia
A09.3.06.002 adventitia adventitia
A09.1.01.016 albicans corpus albicans
A09.1.01.009 albuginea tunica albuginea
A09.3.01.016 albuginea tunica albuginea
A09.4.01.017 albuginea tunica albuginea of corpora cavernosa
A09.4.01.018 albuginea tunica albuginea of corpus spongiosum
A09.3.05.007 ampulla diverticula of ampulla
A09.1.02.006 ampulla ampulla
A09.3.05.006 ampulla ampulla of ductus deferens
A09.5.00.003 anal muscle of anal triangle
A09.1.03.009 anatomical anatomical internal os
A09.3.01.006 anterior anterior border
A09.2.01.004 anterior anterior commissure
A09.1.03.016 anterior anterior lip
A09.1.04.003 anterior anterior part
A09.1.03.008 anterior anterior surface
A09.3.08.007 anterior anterior surface
A09.1.04.014 anterior anterior vaginal column
A09.1.04.006 anterior anterior wall
A09.3.08.014 anteromedial anteromedial lobule
A09.3.08.006 apex apex of prostate
A09.1.05.004 appendices vesicular appendices
A09.3.02.011 appendix appendix of epididymis
A09.3.02.010 appendix appendix of testis
A09.3.08.021 area trapezoid area
A09.4.01.024 arteries helicine arteries
A09.3.08.002 base base of prostate
A09.5.00.005 body perineal body
A09.2.02.003 body body of clitoris
A09.3.02.004 body body of epididymis
A09.5.04.002 body fat body of ischio-anal fossa
A09.4.01.003 body body of penis
A09.1.03.003 body body of uterus
A09.3.01.006 border anterior border
A09.1.01.005 border free border
A09.1.01.006 border mesovarian border
A09.3.01.007 border posterior border
A09.1.03.005 border border of uterus
A09.4.01.016 bulb bulb of penis
A09.2.01.013 bulb bulb of vestibule
A09.5.02.005 bulbospongiosus bulbospongiosus
A09.3.09.002 bulbo-urethral duct of bulbo-urethral gland
A09.3.09.001 bulbo-urethral bulbo-urethral gland
A09.2.01.014 bulbs commissure of bulbs
A09.1.03.018 canal cervical canal
A09.5.04.003 canal pudendal canal
A09.3.08.017 capsule capsule of prostate
A09.1.03.031 cardinal cardinal ligament
A09.1.04.016 carina urethral carina of vagina
A09.1.04.009 caruncles hymenal caruncles
A09.1.04.009 carunculae carunculae hymenales
A09.4.01.022 cavernosa cavernous spaces of corpora cavernosa
A09.2.02.006 cavernosa septum of corpora cavernosa
A09.4.01.020 cavernosa trabeculae of corpora cavernosa
A09.4.01.017 cavernosa tunica albuginea of corpora cavernosa
A09.2.02.005 cavernosum corpus cavernosum of clitoris
A09.4.01.014 cavernosum corpus cavernosum penis
A09.4.01.022 cavernous cavernous spaces of corpora cavernosa
A09.4.01.023 cavernous cavernous spaces of corpus spongiosum
A09.4.01.025 cavernous cavernous veins
A09.1.03.007 cavity uterine cavity
A09.1.03.018 cervical cervical canal
A09.1.03.020 cervical cervical glands
A09.1.03.031 cervical transverse cervical ligament
A09.1.03.010 cervix cervix of uterus
A09.2.03.008 circular circular layer
A09.4.02.012 circular circular layer
A09.2.01.006 cleft pudendal cleft
A09.2.02.003 clitoris body of clitoris
A09.2.02.005 clitoris corpus cavernosum of clitoris
A09.2.02.002 clitoris crus of clitoris
A09.2.02.007 clitoris fascia of clitoris
A09.2.01.010 clitoris frenulum of clitoris
A09.2.02.004 clitoris glans of clitoris
A09.2.01.009 clitoris prepuce of clitoris
A09.2.02.001 clitoris clitoris
A09.1.02.012 coat muscular coat
A09.1.04.010 coat muscular coat
A09.2.03.007 coat muscular coat
A09.3.05.009 coat muscular coat
A09.3.06.003 coat muscular coat
A09.4.02.011 coat muscular coat
A09.4.02.018 coat muscular coat
A09.4.02.027 coat muscular coat
A09.1.02.010 coat serous coat
A09.1.03.023 coat serous coat
A09.3.01.014 coat serous coat
A09.4.02.008 colliculus seminal colliculus
A09.1.04.014 column anterior vaginal column
A09.1.04.015 column posterior vaginal column
A09.1.04.013 columns vaginal columns
A09.2.01.004 commissure anterior commissure
A09.2.01.005 commissure posterior commissure
A09.2.01.014 commissure commissure of bulbs
A09.3.08.016 commissure commissure of prostate
A09.5.02.001 compartment superficial perineal compartment
A09.5.03.005 compressor compressor urethrae
A09.3.02.003 conical conical lobules of epididymis
A09.3.01.022 convoluted convoluted seminiferous tubules
A09.3.04.001 cord spermatic cord
A09.4.01.008 corona corona of glans
A09.4.01.022 corpora cavernous spaces of corpora cavernosa
A09.2.02.006 corpora septum of corpora cavernosa
A09.4.01.020 corpora trabeculae of corpora cavernosa
A09.4.01.017 corpora tunica albuginea of corpora cavernosa
A09.1.01.016 corpus corpus albicans
A09.2.02.005 corpus corpus cavernosum of clitoris
A09.4.01.014 corpus corpus cavernosum penis
A09.1.01.015 corpus corpus luteum
A09.1.01.014 corpus corpus rubrum
A09.4.01.023 corpus cavernous spaces of corpus spongiosum
A09.4.01.021 corpus trabeculae of corpus spongiosum
A09.4.01.018 corpus tunica albuginea of corpus spongiosum
A09.4.01.015 corpus corpus spongiosum penis
A09.1.01.011 cortex ovarian cortex
A09.3.04.003 cremaster cremaster
A09.3.04.004 cremasteric cremasteric fascia
A09.2.03.004 crest urethral crest
A09.4.02.007 crest urethral crest
A09.2.02.002 crus crus of clitoris
A09.4.01.004 crus crus of penis
A09.4.03.003 dartos dartos fascia
A09.4.03.005 dartos dartos muscle
A09.5.02.002 deep deep perineal fascia
A09.5.03.001 deep deep perineal pouch
A09.5.03.001 deep deep perineal space
A09.5.03.004 deep deep transverse perineal muscle
A09.3.05.006 deferens ampulla of ductus deferens
A09.3.05.001 deferens ductus deferens
A09.3.05.001 deferens vas deferens
A09.1.06.002 deferens vestige of ductus deferens
A09.3.08.005 distal distal part
A09.4.02.006 distal distal part
A09.3.05.007 diverticula diverticula of ampulla
A09.4.01.005 dorsum dorsum of penis
A09.3.07.001 duct ejaculatory duct
A09.3.06.005 duct excretory duct
A09.1.05.002 duct longitudinal duct
A09.3.09.002 duct duct of bulbo-urethral gland
A09.3.02.006 duct duct of epididymis
A09.2.03.015 ducts para-urethral ducts
A09.4.02.026 ducts para-urethral ducts
A09.3.08.019 ducts prostatic ducts
A09.3.02.009 ductule inferior aberrant ductule
A09.3.02.008 ductule superior aberrant ductule
A09.3.02.007 ductules aberrant ductules
A09.3.01.025 ductules efferent ductules
A09.1.05.003 ductules transverse ductules
A09.3.05.006 ductus ampulla of ductus deferens
A09.1.06.002 ductus vestige of ductus deferens
A09.3.05.001 ductus ductus deferens
A09.3.01.025 efferent efferent ductules
A09.3.07.001 ejaculatory ejaculatory duct
A09.4.02.002 emptying emptying internal urethral orifice
A09.1.03.027 endometrium endometrium
A09.3.02.011 epididymis appendix of epididymis
A09.3.02.004 epididymis body of epididymis
A09.3.02.003 epididymis conical lobules of epididymis
A09.3.02.006 epididymis duct of epididymis
A09.3.01.012 epididymis inferior ligament of epididymis
A09.3.02.003 epididymis lobules of epididymis
A09.3.01.013 epididymis sinus of epididymis
A09.3.01.011 epididymis superior ligament of epididymis
A09.3.02.005 epididymis tail of epididymis
A09.3.02.001 epididymis epididymis
A09.1.05.001 epoophoron epoophoron
A09.3.06.005 excretory excretory duct
A09.2.00.001 external female external genitalia
A09.4.00.001 external male external genitalia
A09.1.03.015 external external os of uterus
A09.3.04.002 external external spermatic fascia
A09.2.03.005 external external urethral orifice
A09.4.02.030 external external urethral orifice
A09.2.03.006 external external urethral sphincter
A09.4.02.016 external external urethral sphincter
A09.4.02.030 external external urinary meatus
A09.1.01.007 extremity tubal extremity
A09.1.01.008 extremity uterine extremity
A09.3.04.004 fascia cremasteric fascia
A09.4.03.003 fascia dartos fascia
A09.5.02.002 fascia deep perineal fascia
A09.3.04.002 fascia external spermatic fascia
A09.3.04.005 fascia internal spermatic fascia
A09.5.02.002 fascia perineal fascia
A09.2.02.007 fascia fascia of clitoris
A09.4.01.026 fascia fascia of penis
A09.5.02.002 fascia superficial investing fascia of perineum
A09.4.03.003 fascia superficial fascia of scrotum
A09.5.04.002 fat fat body of ischio-anal fossa
A09.2.00.001 female female external genitalia
A09.0.00.001 female female genital system
A09.1.00.001 female female internal genitalia
A09.2.03.001 filling filling internal urethral orifice
A09.4.02.001 filling filling internal urethral orifice
A09.1.02.005 fimbria ovarian fimbria
A09.1.02.004 fimbriae fimbriae
A09.1.03.019 folds palmate folds
A09.1.02.014 folds folds of uterine tube
A09.1.01.013 follicles vesicular ovarian follicles
A09.4.01.011 foreskin foreskin
A09.1.04.002 fornix vaginal fornix
A09.5.04.002 fossa fat body of ischio-anal fossa
A09.5.04.001 fossa ischio-anal fossa
A09.4.02.022 fossa navicular fossa
A09.4.02.023 fossa valve of navicular fossa
A09.2.01.012 fossa vestibular fossa
A09.2.01.008 fourchette fourchette
A09.1.01.005 free free border
A09.4.01.012 frenulum frenulum
A09.2.01.010 frenulum frenulum of clitoris
A09.2.01.008 frenulum frenulum of labia minora
A09.1.03.002 fundus fundus of uterus
A09.3.05.003 funicular funicular part
A09.0.00.001 genital female genital system
A09.0.00.002 genital male genital system
A09.0.00.000 genital genital systems
A09.2.00.001 genitalia female external genitalia
A09.1.00.001 genitalia female internal genitalia
A09.4.00.001 genitalia male external genitalia
A09.3.00.001 genitalia male internal genitalia
A09.3.09.001 gland bulbo-urethral gland
A09.3.09.002 gland duct of bulbo-urethral gland
A09.2.01.016 gland greater vestibular gland
A09.3.06.001 gland seminal gland
A09.3.08.004 gland peri-urethral gland zone
A09.1.03.020 glands cervical glands
A09.2.01.017 glands lesser vestibular glands
A09.4.01.028 glands preputial glands
A09.2.03.013 glands urethral glands
A09.4.02.025 glands urethral glands
A09.1.03.028 glands uterine glands
A09.4.01.008 glans corona of glans
A09.4.01.010 glans neck of glans
A09.4.01.009 glans septum of glans
A09.2.02.004 glans glans of clitoris
A09.4.01.007 glans glans penis
A09.2.01.016 greater greater vestibular gland
A09.3.02.002 head head
A09.4.01.024 helicine helicine arteries
A09.1.01.002 hilum hilum of ovary
A09.1.03.013 histological histological internal os
A09.1.03.004 horn uterine horn
A09.1.04.008 hymen hymen
A09.1.04.009 hymenal hymenal caruncles
A09.1.04.009 hymenales carunculae hymenales
A09.3.02.009 inferior inferior aberrant ductule
A09.3.01.012 inferior inferior ligament of epididymis
A09.3.01.003 inferior inferior pole
A09.3.08.012 inferolateral inferolateral lobule
A09.3.08.009 inferolateral inferolateral surface
A09.3.08.011 inferoposterior inferoposterior lobule
A09.1.01.018 infundibulopelvic infundibulopelvic ligament
A09.1.02.003 infundibulum infundibulum
A09.3.05.004 inguinal inguinal part
A09.4.02.017 intermediate intermediate part of urethra
A09.1.00.001 internal female internal genitalia
A09.3.00.001 internal male internal genitalia
A09.1.03.009 internal anatomical internal os
A09.1.03.013 internal histological internal os
A09.3.04.005 internal internal spermatic fascia
A09.4.02.002 internal emptying internal urethral orifice
A09.2.03.001 internal filling internal urethral orifice
A09.4.02.001 internal filling internal urethral orifice
A09.2.03.002 internal voiding internal urethral orifice
A09.2.03.009 internal internal urethral sphincter
A09.4.02.013 internal internal urethral sphincter
A09.1.03.006 intestinal intestinal surface
A09.1.02.008 intramural intramural part
A09.2.03.003 intramural intramural part
A09.4.02.003 intramural intramural part
A09.5.02.002 investing superficial investing fascia of perineum
A09.5.04.002 ischio-anal fat body of ischio-anal fossa
A09.5.04.001 ischio-anal ischio-anal fossa
A09.5.02.004 ischiocavernosus ischiocavernosus
A09.1.02.007 isthmus isthmus
A09.3.08.016 isthmus isthmus of prostate
A09.1.03.012 isthmus isthmus of uterus
A09.2.01.008 labia frenulum of labia minora
A09.2.01.003 labium labium majus
A09.2.01.007 labium labium minus
A09.2.03.014 lacunae urethral lacunae
A09.4.02.024 lacunae urethral lacunae
A09.1.04.005 lateral lateral part
A09.1.01.004 lateral lateral surface
A09.3.01.004 lateral lateral surface
A09.2.03.008 layer circular layer
A09.4.02.012 layer circular layer
A09.2.03.010 layer longitudinal layer
A09.4.02.014 layer longitudinal layer
A09.4.02.019 layer longitudinal layer
A09.4.02.028 layer longitudinal layer
A09.5.00.007 layer membranous layer
A09.1.02.012 layer muscular layer
A09.1.04.010 layer muscular layer
A09.2.03.007 layer muscular layer
A09.3.05.009 layer muscular layer
A09.3.06.003 layer muscular layer
A09.4.02.011 layer muscular layer
A09.4.02.018 layer muscular layer
A09.4.02.027 layer muscular layer
A09.3.01.009 layer parietal layer
A09.1.04.017 layer spongy layer
A09.2.03.011 layer spongy layer
A09.1.02.011 layer subserous layer
A09.1.03.024 layer subserous layer
A09.3.01.015 layer subserous layer
A09.3.01.017 layer vascular layer
A09.3.01.010 layer visceral layer
A09.2.01.017 lesser lesser vestibular glands
A09.1.03.031 ligament cardinal ligament
A09.1.01.018 ligament infundibulopelvic ligament
A09.1.03.030 ligament pubocervical ligament
A09.1.03.032 ligament recto-uterine ligament
A09.1.03.031 ligament transverse cervical ligament
A09.5.03.003 ligament transverse perineal ligament
A09.1.03.032 ligament uterosacral ligament
A09.3.01.012 ligament inferior ligament of epididymis
A09.3.01.011 ligament superior ligament of epididymis
A09.1.01.018 ligament suspensory ligament of ovary
A09.1.01.017 ligament ligament of ovary
A09.1.03.029 ligament round ligament of uterus
A09.1.03.016 lip anterior lip
A09.1.03.017 lip posterior lip
A09.3.08.015 lobe middle lobe
A09.3.08.010 lobes lobes of prostate
A09.3.08.014 lobule anteromedial lobule
A09.3.08.012 lobule inferolateral lobule
A09.3.08.011 lobule inferoposterior lobule
A09.3.08.013 lobule superomedial lobule
A09.3.02.003 lobules conical lobules of epididymis
A09.3.02.003 lobules lobules of epididymis
A09.3.01.020 lobules lobules of testis
A09.1.05.002 longitudinal longitudinal duct
A09.2.03.010 longitudinal longitudinal layer
A09.4.02.014 longitudinal longitudinal layer
A09.4.02.019 longitudinal longitudinal layer
A09.4.02.028 longitudinal longitudinal layer
A09.3.01.003 lower lower pole
A09.1.01.015 luteum corpus luteum
A09.2.01.003 majus labium majus
A09.4.00.001 male male external genitalia
A09.0.00.002 male male genital system
A09.3.00.001 male male internal genitalia
A09.4.02.030 meatus external urinary meatus
A09.1.01.003 medial medial surface
A09.3.01.005 medial medial surface
A09.3.01.018 mediastinum mediastinum of testis
A09.1.01.012 medulla ovarian medulla
A09.1.02.013 membrane mucous membrane
A09.1.04.011 membrane mucous membrane
A09.2.03.012 membrane mucous membrane
A09.3.05.010 membrane mucous membrane
A09.3.06.004 membrane mucous membrane
A09.4.02.015 membrane mucous membrane
A09.4.02.020 membrane mucous membrane
A09.4.02.029 membrane mucous membrane
A09.5.03.002 membrane perineal membrane
A09.5.00.007 membranous membranous layer
A09.4.02.017 membranous membranous urethra
A09.1.01.006 mesovarian mesovarian border
A09.3.08.015 middle middle lobe
A09.2.01.008 minora frenulum of labia minora
A09.2.01.007 minus labium minus
A09.2.01.002 mons mons pubis
A09.1.02.013 mucosa mucosa
A09.1.04.011 mucosa mucosa
A09.2.03.012 mucosa mucosa
A09.3.05.010 mucosa mucosa
A09.3.06.004 mucosa mucosa
A09.4.02.015 mucosa mucosa
A09.4.02.020 mucosa mucosa
A09.4.02.029 mucosa mucosa
A09.1.02.013 mucous mucous membrane
A09.1.04.011 mucous mucous membrane
A09.2.03.012 mucous mucous membrane
A09.3.05.010 mucous mucous membrane
A09.3.06.004 mucous mucous membrane
A09.4.02.015 mucous mucous membrane
A09.4.02.020 mucous mucous membrane
A09.4.02.029 mucous mucous membrane
A09.4.03.005 muscle dartos muscle
A09.5.03.004 muscle deep transverse perineal muscle
A09.5.02.003 muscle superficial transverse perineal muscle
A09.5.00.003 muscle muscle of anal triangle
A09.5.00.004 muscles muscles of urogenital triangle
A09.1.02.012 muscular muscular coat
A09.1.04.010 muscular muscular coat
A09.2.03.007 muscular muscular coat
A09.3.05.009 muscular muscular coat
A09.3.06.003 muscular muscular coat
A09.4.02.011 muscular muscular coat
A09.4.02.018 muscular muscular coat
A09.4.02.027 muscular muscular coat
A09.1.02.012 muscular muscular layer
A09.1.04.010 muscular muscular layer
A09.2.03.007 muscular muscular layer
A09.3.05.009 muscular muscular layer
A09.3.06.003 muscular muscular layer
A09.4.02.011 muscular muscular layer
A09.4.02.018 muscular muscular layer
A09.4.02.027 muscular muscular layer
A09.3.08.020 muscular muscular tissue
A09.1.03.025 myometrium myometrium
A09.4.02.023 navicular valve of navicular fossa
A09.4.02.022 navicular navicular fossa
A09.4.01.010 neck neck of glans
A09.4.02.002 orifice emptying internal urethral orifice
A09.2.03.005 orifice external urethral orifice
A09.4.02.030 orifice external urethral orifice
A09.2.03.001 orifice filling internal urethral orifice
A09.4.02.001 orifice filling internal urethral orifice
A09.2.01.015 orifice vaginal orifice
A09.2.03.002 orifice voiding internal urethral orifice
A09.1.03.009 os anatomical internal os
A09.1.03.013 os histological internal os
A09.1.03.015 os external os of uterus
A09.1.02.002 ostium abdominal ostium
A09.1.02.009 ostium uterine ostium
A09.1.01.011 ovarian ovarian cortex
A09.1.02.005 ovarian ovarian fimbria
A09.1.01.013 ovarian vesicular ovarian follicles
A09.1.01.012 ovarian ovarian medulla
A09.1.01.010 ovarian ovarian stroma
A09.1.01.002 ovary hilum of ovary
A09.1.01.017 ovary ligament of ovary
A09.1.01.018 ovary suspensory ligament of ovary
A09.1.01.001 ovary ovary
A09.1.03.019 palmate palmate folds
A09.1.03.022 paracervix paracervix
A09.3.03.001 paradidymis paradidymis
A09.1.03.021 parametrium parametrium
A09.2.03.015 para-urethral para-urethral ducts
A09.4.02.026 para-urethral para-urethral ducts
A09.3.08.018 parenchyma parenchyma
A09.3.01.021 parenchyma parenchyma of testis
A09.3.01.009 parietal parietal layer
A09.1.06.001 paroophoron paroophoron
A09.1.04.003 part anterior part
A09.3.08.005 part distal part
A09.4.02.006 part distal part
A09.3.05.003 part funicular part
A09.3.05.004 part inguinal part
A09.1.02.008 part intramural part
A09.2.03.003 part intramural part
A09.4.02.003 part intramural part
A09.1.04.005 part lateral part
A09.3.05.005 part pelvic part
A09.1.04.004 part posterior part
A09.4.02.003 part preprostatic part
A09.3.08.003 part proximal part
A09.4.02.005 part proximal part
A09.3.05.002 part scrotal part
A09.1.03.011 part supravaginal part
A09.1.02.008 part uterine part
A09.1.03.014 part vaginal part
A09.4.02.017 part intermediate part of urethra
A09.3.05.005 pelvic pelvic part
A09.4.01.003 penis body of penis
A09.4.01.016 penis bulb of penis
A09.4.01.014 penis corpus cavernosum penis
A09.4.01.015 penis corpus spongiosum penis
A09.4.01.004 penis crus of penis
A09.4.01.005 penis dorsum of penis
A09.4.01.026 penis fascia of penis
A09.4.01.007 penis glans penis
A09.4.01.013 penis raphe of penis
A09.4.01.002 penis root of penis
A09.4.01.019 penis septum penis
A09.4.01.027 penis subcutaneous tissue of penis
A09.4.01.001 penis penis
A09.1.03.023 perimetrium perimetrium
A09.5.00.005 perineal perineal body
A09.5.02.001 perineal superficial perineal compartment
A09.5.02.002 perineal deep perineal fascia
A09.5.02.002 perineal perineal fascia
A09.5.03.003 perineal transverse perineal ligament
A09.5.03.002 perineal perineal membrane
A09.5.03.004 perineal deep transverse perineal muscle
A09.5.02.003 perineal superficial transverse perineal muscle
A09.5.03.001 perineal deep perineal pouch
A09.5.01.001 perineal subcutaneous perineal pouch
A09.5.02.001 perineal superficial perineal pouch
A09.5.00.002 perineal perineal raphe
A09.5.03.001 perineal deep perineal space
A09.5.02.001 perineal superficial perineal space
A09.5.00.006 perineum subcutaneous tissue of perineum
A09.5.02.002 perineum superficial investing fascia of perineum
A09.5.00.001 perineum perineum
A09.3.08.004 peri-urethral peri-urethral gland zone
A09.3.01.003 pole inferior pole
A09.3.01.003 pole lower pole
A09.3.01.002 pole superior pole
A09.3.01.002 pole upper pole
A09.3.01.007 posterior posterior border
A09.2.01.005 posterior posterior commissure
A09.1.03.017 posterior posterior lip
A09.1.04.004 posterior posterior part
A09.1.03.006 posterior posterior surface
A09.3.08.008 posterior posterior surface
A09.1.04.015 posterior posterior vaginal column
A09.1.04.007 posterior posterior wall
A09.5.03.001 pouch deep perineal pouch
A09.5.01.001 pouch subcutaneous perineal pouch
A09.5.02.001 pouch superficial perineal pouch
A09.4.02.003 preprostatic preprostatic part
A09.4.02.013 preprostatic preprostatic sphincter
A09.4.01.011 prepuce prepuce
A09.2.01.009 prepuce prepuce of clitoris
A09.4.01.028 preputial preputial glands
A09.3.04.006 processus vestige of processus vaginalis
A09.3.08.006 prostate apex of prostate
A09.3.08.002 prostate base of prostate
A09.3.08.017 prostate capsule of prostate
A09.3.08.016 prostate commissure of prostate
A09.3.08.016 prostate isthmus of prostate
A09.3.08.010 prostate lobes of prostate
A09.3.08.001 prostate prostate
A09.3.08.019 prostatic prostatic ducts
A09.4.02.010 prostatic prostatic sinus
A09.4.02.004 prostatic prostatic urethra
A09.4.02.009 prostatic prostatic utricle
A09.3.08.003 proximal proximal part
A09.4.02.005 proximal proximal part
A09.2.01.002 pubis mons pubis
A09.1.03.030 pubocervical pubocervical ligament
A09.5.04.003 pudendal pudendal canal
A09.2.01.006 pudendal pudendal cleft
A09.2.01.001 pudendum pudendum
A09.5.00.002 raphe perineal raphe
A09.4.01.013 raphe raphe of penis
A09.4.03.002 raphe raphe of scrotum
A09.1.03.032 recto-uterine recto-uterine ligament
A09.1.03.026 recto-uterinus recto-uterinus
A09.3.01.024 rete rete testis
A09.4.01.002 root root of penis
A09.1.03.029 round round ligament of uterus
A09.1.01.014 rubrum corpus rubrum
A09.1.04.012 rugae vaginal rugae
A09.3.05.002 scrotal scrotal part
A09.4.03.002 scrotum raphe of scrotum
A09.4.03.004 scrotum septum of scrotum
A09.4.03.003 scrotum superficial fascia of scrotum
A09.4.03.001 scrotum scrotum
A09.4.02.008 seminal seminal colliculus
A09.3.06.001 seminal seminal gland
A09.3.06.001 seminal seminal vesicle
A09.3.01.022 seminiferous convoluted seminiferous tubules
A09.3.01.022 seminiferous seminiferous tubules
A09.3.01.019 septa septa testis
A09.2.02.006 septum septum of corpora cavernosa
A09.4.01.009 septum septum of glans
A09.4.03.004 septum septum of scrotum
A09.4.01.019 septum septum penis
A09.1.02.010 serosa serosa
A09.1.03.023 serosa serosa
A09.3.01.014 serosa serosa
A09.1.02.010 serous serous coat
A09.1.03.023 serous serous coat
A09.3.01.014 serous serous coat
A09.4.02.010 sinus prostatic sinus
A09.3.01.013 sinus sinus of epididymis
A09.5.03.001 space deep perineal space
A09.5.02.001 space superficial perineal space
A09.4.01.022 spaces cavernous spaces of corpora cavernosa
A09.4.01.023 spaces cavernous spaces of corpus spongiosum
A09.3.04.001 spermatic spermatic cord
A09.3.04.002 spermatic external spermatic fascia
A09.3.04.005 spermatic internal spermatic fascia
A09.2.03.006 sphincter external urethral sphincter
A09.4.02.016 sphincter external urethral sphincter
A09.2.03.009 sphincter internal urethral sphincter
A09.4.02.013 sphincter internal urethral sphincter
A09.4.02.013 sphincter preprostatic sphincter
A09.4.02.013 sphincter supracollicular sphincter
A09.5.03.006 sphincter sphincter urethrovaginalis
A09.4.01.023 spongiosum cavernous spaces of corpus spongiosum
A09.4.01.021 spongiosum trabeculae of corpus spongiosum
A09.4.01.018 spongiosum tunica albuginea of corpus spongiosum
A09.4.01.015 spongiosum corpus spongiosum penis
A09.1.04.017 spongy spongy layer
A09.2.03.011 spongy spongy layer
A09.4.02.021 spongy spongy urethra
A09.3.01.023 straight straight tubules
A09.1.01.010 stroma ovarian stroma
A09.5.01.001 subcutaneous subcutaneous perineal pouch
A09.4.01.027 subcutaneous subcutaneous tissue of penis
A09.5.00.006 subcutaneous subcutaneous tissue of perineum
A09.1.02.011 subserosa subserosa
A09.1.03.024 subserosa subserosa
A09.3.01.015 subserosa subserosa
A09.1.02.011 subserous subserous layer
A09.1.03.024 subserous subserous layer
A09.3.01.015 subserous subserous layer
A09.4.03.003 superficial superficial fascia of scrotum
A09.5.02.002 superficial superficial investing fascia of perineum
A09.5.02.001 superficial superficial perineal compartment
A09.5.02.001 superficial superficial perineal pouch
A09.5.02.001 superficial superficial perineal space
A09.5.02.003 superficial superficial transverse perineal muscle
A09.3.02.008 superior superior aberrant ductule
A09.3.01.011 superior superior ligament of epididymis
A09.3.01.002 superior superior pole
A09.3.08.013 superomedial superomedial lobule
A09.4.02.013 supracollicular supracollicular sphincter
A09.1.03.011 supravaginal supravaginal part
A09.1.03.008 surface anterior surface
A09.3.08.007 surface anterior surface
A09.3.08.009 surface inferolateral surface
A09.1.03.006 surface intestinal surface
A09.1.01.004 surface lateral surface
A09.3.01.004 surface lateral surface
A09.1.01.003 surface medial surface
A09.3.01.005 surface medial surface
A09.1.03.006 surface posterior surface
A09.3.08.008 surface posterior surface
A09.4.01.006 surface urethral surface
A09.1.03.008 surface vesical surface
A09.1.01.018 suspensory suspensory ligament of ovary
A09.0.00.001 system female genital system
A09.0.00.002 system male genital system
A09.0.00.000 systems genital systems
A09.3.02.005 tail tail of epididymis
A09.3.02.010 testis appendix of testis
A09.3.01.020 testis lobules of testis
A09.3.01.018 testis mediastinum of testis
A09.3.01.021 testis parenchyma of testis
A09.3.01.024 testis rete testis
A09.3.01.019 testis septa testis
A09.3.01.001 testis testis
A09.3.08.020 tissue muscular tissue
A09.4.01.027 tissue subcutaneous tissue of penis
A09.5.00.006 tissue subcutaneous tissue of perineum
A09.4.01.020 trabeculae trabeculae of corpora cavernosa
A09.4.01.021 trabeculae trabeculae of corpus spongiosum
A09.1.03.031 transverse transverse cervical ligament
A09.1.05.003 transverse transverse ductules
A09.5.03.003 transverse transverse perineal ligament
A09.5.03.004 transverse deep transverse perineal muscle
A09.5.02.003 transverse superficial transverse perineal muscle
A09.3.08.021 trapezoid trapezoid area
A09.5.00.003 triangle muscle of anal triangle
A09.5.00.004 triangle muscles of urogenital triangle
A09.1.01.007 tubal tubal extremity
A09.1.02.014 tube folds of uterine tube
A09.1.02.001 tube uterine tube
A09.3.01.022 tubules convoluted seminiferous tubules
A09.3.01.022 tubules seminiferous tubules
A09.3.01.023 tubules straight tubules
A09.1.01.009 tunica tunica albuginea
A09.3.01.016 tunica tunica albuginea
A09.4.01.017 tunica tunica albuginea of corpora cavernosa
A09.4.01.018 tunica tunica albuginea of corpus spongiosum
A09.3.01.008 tunica tunica vaginalis
A09.3.01.002 upper upper pole
A09.4.02.017 urethra intermediate part of urethra
A09.4.02.017 urethra membranous urethra
A09.4.02.004 urethra prostatic urethra
A09.4.02.021 urethra spongy urethra
A09.5.03.005 urethrae compressor urethrae
A09.1.04.016 urethral urethral carina of vagina
A09.2.03.004 urethral urethral crest
A09.4.02.007 urethral urethral crest
A09.2.03.013 urethral urethral glands
A09.4.02.025 urethral urethral glands
A09.2.03.014 urethral urethral lacunae
A09.4.02.024 urethral urethral lacunae
A09.4.02.002 urethral emptying internal urethral orifice
A09.2.03.005 urethral external urethral orifice
A09.4.02.030 urethral external urethral orifice
A09.2.03.001 urethral filling internal urethral orifice
A09.4.02.001 urethral filling internal urethral orifice
A09.2.03.002 urethral voiding internal urethral orifice
A09.2.03.006 urethral external urethral sphincter
A09.4.02.016 urethral external urethral sphincter
A09.2.03.009 urethral internal urethral sphincter
A09.4.02.013 urethral internal urethral sphincter
A09.4.01.006 urethral urethral surface
A09.5.03.006 urethrovaginalis sphincter urethrovaginalis
A09.4.02.030 urinary external urinary meatus
A09.5.00.004 urogenital muscles of urogenital triangle
A09.1.03.007 uterine uterine cavity
A09.1.01.008 uterine uterine extremity
A09.1.03.028 uterine uterine glands
A09.1.03.004 uterine uterine horn
A09.1.02.009 uterine uterine ostium
A09.1.02.008 uterine uterine part
A09.1.02.014 uterine folds of uterine tube
A09.1.02.001 uterine uterine tube
A09.1.03.032 uterosacral uterosacral ligament
A09.1.03.003 uterus body of uterus
A09.1.03.005 uterus border of uterus
A09.1.03.010 uterus cervix of uterus
A09.1.03.015 uterus external os of uterus
A09.1.03.002 uterus fundus of uterus
A09.1.03.012 uterus isthmus of uterus
A09.1.03.029 uterus round ligament of uterus
A09.1.03.001 uterus uterus
A09.4.02.009 utricle prostatic utricle
A09.1.04.016 vagina urethral carina of vagina
A09.1.04.001 vagina vagina
A09.1.04.014 vaginal anterior vaginal column
A09.1.04.015 vaginal posterior vaginal column
A09.1.04.013 vaginal vaginal columns
A09.1.04.002 vaginal vaginal fornix
A09.2.01.015 vaginal vaginal orifice
A09.1.03.014 vaginal vaginal part
A09.1.04.012 vaginal vaginal rugae
A09.3.01.008 vaginalis tunica vaginalis
A09.3.04.006 vaginalis vestige of processus vaginalis
A09.4.02.023 valve valve of navicular fossa
A09.3.05.001 vas vas deferens
A09.3.01.017 vascular vascular layer
A09.4.01.025 veins cavernous veins
A09.1.03.008 vesical vesical surface
A09.3.06.001 vesicle seminal vesicle
A09.1.05.004 vesicular vesicular appendices
A09.1.01.013 vesicular vesicular ovarian follicles
A09.2.01.012 vestibular vestibular fossa
A09.2.01.016 vestibular greater vestibular gland
A09.2.01.017 vestibular lesser vestibular glands
A09.2.01.013 vestibule bulb of vestibule
A09.2.01.011 vestibule vestibule
A09.1.06.002 vestige vestige of ductus deferens
A09.3.04.006 vestige vestige of processus vaginalis
A09.3.01.010 visceral visceral layer
A09.2.03.002 voiding voiding internal urethral orifice
A09.2.01.001 vulva vulva
A09.1.04.006 wall anterior wall
A09.1.04.007 wall posterior wall
A09.3.08.004 zone peri-urethral gland zone
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