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urinary system
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A08.2.01.002 abdominal abdominal part
A08.1.05.009 adventitia adventitia
A08.2.01.005 adventitia adventitia
A08.1.03.005 afferent afferent glomerular arteriole
A08.1.05.008 ampullary ampullary type
A08.1.02.004 anterior anterior inferior segment
A08.1.02.003 anterior anterior superior segment
A08.1.01.006 anterior anterior surface
A08.3.01.002 apex apex of bladder
A08.1.03.003 arcuate arcuate arteries
A08.1.04.003 arcuate arcuate veins
A08.1.01.030 area cribriform area
A08.1.03.003 arteries arcuate arteries
A08.1.03.004 arteries cortical radiate arteries
A08.1.03.002 arteries interlobar arteries
A08.1.03.004 arteries interlobular arteries
A08.1.03.001 arteries intrarenal arteries
A08.1.03.007 arteries perforating radiate arteries
A08.1.03.005 arteriole afferent glomerular arteriole
A08.1.03.006 arteriole efferent glomerular arteriole
A08.1.03.008 arterioles straight arterioles
A08.3.01.002 bladder apex of bladder
A08.3.01.003 bladder body of bladder
A08.3.01.004 bladder fundus of bladder
A08.3.01.005 bladder neck of bladder
A08.3.01.024 bladder trigone of bladder
A08.3.01.001 bladder urinary bladder
A08.3.01.006 bladder uvula of bladder
A08.3.01.016 bladder bladder neck part
A08.1.01.011 body pararenal fat body
A08.3.01.003 body body of bladder
A08.1.01.002 border lateral border
A08.1.01.003 border medial border
A08.1.03.009 branches capsular branches
A08.1.05.002 branching branching type
A08.1.01.024 bundles vascular bundles
A08.1.05.003 calices major calices
A08.1.05.007 calices minor calices
A08.1.05.006 calyx inferior calyx
A08.1.05.005 calyx middle calyx
A08.1.05.004 calyx superior calyx
A08.1.03.009 capsular capsular branches
A08.1.01.013 capsule fibrous capsule
A08.1.01.012 capsule perirenal fat capsule
A08.3.01.018 circular circular layer
A08.1.05.010 coat muscular coat
A08.2.01.006 coat muscular coat
A08.3.01.010 coat muscular coat
A08.3.01.008 coat serous coat
A08.1.01.019 columns renal columns
A08.1.01.015 cortex renal cortex
A08.1.01.017 cortex cortex corticis
A08.1.01.016 cortical cortical labyrinth
A08.1.03.004 cortical cortical radiate arteries
A08.1.04.004 cortical cortical radiate veins
A08.1.01.017 corticis cortex corticis
A08.3.01.025 crest interureteric crest
A08.1.01.028 crest renal crest
A08.1.01.030 cribriform cribriform area
A08.3.01.013 deep deep trigone
A08.3.01.014 detrusor detrusor
A08.1.01.031 ducts openings of papillary ducts
A08.1.03.006 efferent efferent glomerular arteriole
A08.3.01.017 external external longitudinal layer
A08.1.01.009 extremity inferior extremity
A08.1.01.008 extremity superior extremity
A08.1.01.010 fascia renal fascia
A08.1.01.011 fat paranephric fat
A08.1.01.012 fat perinephric fat
A08.1.01.011 fat pararenal fat body
A08.1.01.012 fat perirenal fat capsule
A08.4.01.001 female female urethra
A08.1.01.013 fibrous fibrous capsule
A08.3.01.004 fundus fundus of bladder
A08.1.03.005 glomerular afferent glomerular arteriole
A08.1.03.006 glomerular efferent glomerular arteriole
A08.1.01.004 hilum hilum of kidney
A08.1.05.006 inferior inferior calyx
A08.1.01.009 inferior inferior extremity
A08.1.01.009 inferior inferior pole
A08.1.02.004 inferior anterior inferior segment
A08.1.02.005 inferior inferior segment
A08.1.01.023 inner inner stripe
A08.1.01.026 inner inner zone
A08.1.01.025 interbundle interbundle region
A08.1.03.002 interlobar interlobar arteries
A08.1.04.002 interlobar interlobar veins
A08.1.03.004 interlobular interlobular arteries
A08.1.04.004 interlobular interlobular veins
A08.3.01.019 internal internal longitudinal layer
A08.3.01.027 internal internal urethral orifice
A08.3.01.028 internal internal urethral orifice
A08.3.01.027 internal internal urinary meatus
A08.3.01.028 internal internal urinary meatus
A08.3.01.025 interureteric interureteric crest
A08.2.01.004 intramural intramural part
A08.1.03.001 intrarenal intrarenal arteries
A08.1.04.001 intrarenal intrarenal veins
A08.1.01.004 kidney hilum of kidney
A08.1.01.001 kidney kidney
A08.1.01.014 kidney kidney lobes
A08.1.01.016 labyrinth cortical labyrinth
A08.1.01.002 lateral lateral border
A08.3.01.018 layer circular layer
A08.3.01.017 layer external longitudinal layer
A08.3.01.019 layer internal longitudinal layer
A08.1.05.010 layer muscular layer
A08.2.01.006 layer muscular layer
A08.3.01.010 layer muscular layer
A08.3.01.009 layer subserous layer
A08.3.01.007 ligament median umbilical ligament
A08.1.01.014 lobes kidney lobes
A08.3.01.017 longitudinal external longitudinal layer
A08.3.01.019 longitudinal internal longitudinal layer
A08.1.05.003 major major calices
A08.5.01.001 male male urethra
A08.3.01.027 meatus internal urinary meatus
A08.3.01.028 meatus internal urinary meatus
A08.1.01.003 medial medial border
A08.3.01.007 median median umbilical ligament
A08.1.01.020 medulla renal medulla
A08.1.01.018 medullary medullary rays
A08.1.05.011 membrane mucous membrane
A08.2.01.007 membrane mucous membrane
A08.3.01.023 membrane mucous membrane
A08.1.05.005 middle middle calyx
A08.1.05.007 minor minor calices
A08.1.05.011 mucosa mucosa
A08.2.01.007 mucosa mucosa
A08.3.01.023 mucosa mucosa
A08.1.05.011 mucous mucous membrane
A08.2.01.007 mucous mucous membrane
A08.3.01.023 mucous mucous membrane
A08.3.01.011 muscles trigonal muscles
A08.1.05.010 muscular muscular coat
A08.2.01.006 muscular muscular coat
A08.3.01.010 muscular muscular coat
A08.1.05.010 muscular muscular layer
A08.2.01.006 muscular muscular layer
A08.3.01.010 muscular muscular layer
A08.3.01.005 neck neck of bladder
A08.3.01.016 neck bladder neck part
A08.1.01.031 openings openings of papillary ducts
A08.3.01.027 orifice internal urethral orifice
A08.3.01.028 orifice internal urethral orifice
A08.3.01.026 orifice ureteric orifice
A08.1.01.022 outer outer stripe
A08.1.01.021 outer outer zone
A08.1.01.027 papilla renal papilla
A08.1.01.031 papillary openings of papillary ducts
A08.1.01.011 paranephric paranephric fat
A08.1.01.011 pararenal pararenal fat body
A08.2.01.002 part abdominal part
A08.3.01.016 part bladder neck part
A08.2.01.004 part intramural part
A08.2.01.003 part pelvic part
A08.3.01.015 part unstratified part
A08.2.01.003 pelvic pelvic part
A08.1.05.001 pelvis renal pelvis
A08.1.03.007 perforating perforating radiate arteries
A08.1.01.012 perinephric perinephric fat
A08.1.01.012 perirenal perirenal fat capsule
A08.1.01.009 pole inferior pole
A08.1.01.008 pole superior pole
A08.1.02.006 posterior posterior segment
A08.1.01.007 posterior posterior surface
A08.3.01.020 pubovesicalis pubovesicalis
A08.1.01.029 pyramids renal pyramids
A08.1.03.004 radiate cortical radiate arteries
A08.1.03.007 radiate perforating radiate arteries
A08.1.04.004 radiate cortical radiate veins
A08.1.01.018 rays medullary rays
A08.1.03.008 recta vasa recta
A08.1.04.005 rectae venulae rectae
A08.1.01.025 region interbundle region
A08.1.01.019 renal renal columns
A08.1.01.015 renal renal cortex
A08.1.01.028 renal renal crest
A08.1.01.010 renal renal fascia
A08.1.01.020 renal renal medulla
A08.1.01.027 renal renal papilla
A08.1.05.001 renal renal pelvis
A08.1.01.029 renal renal pyramids
A08.1.02.001 renal renal segments
A08.1.01.005 renal renal sinus
A08.1.02.004 segment anterior inferior segment
A08.1.02.003 segment anterior superior segment
A08.1.02.005 segment inferior segment
A08.1.02.006 segment posterior segment
A08.1.02.002 segment superior segment
A08.1.02.001 segments renal segments
A08.3.01.008 serosa serosa
A08.3.01.008 serous serous coat
A08.1.01.005 sinus renal sinus
A08.1.04.006 stellate stellate veins
A08.1.03.008 straight straight arterioles
A08.1.04.005 straight straight venules
A08.1.01.023 stripe inner stripe
A08.1.01.022 stripe outer stripe
A08.3.01.022 submucosa submucosa
A08.3.01.009 subserosa subserosa
A08.3.01.009 subserous subserous layer
A08.3.01.012 superficial superficial trigone
A08.1.05.004 superior superior calyx
A08.1.01.008 superior superior extremity
A08.1.01.008 superior superior pole
A08.1.02.003 superior anterior superior segment
A08.1.02.002 superior superior segment
A08.1.01.006 surface anterior surface
A08.1.01.007 surface posterior surface
A08.0.00.000 system urinary system
A08.3.01.011 trigonal trigonal muscles
A08.3.01.013 trigone deep trigone
A08.3.01.012 trigone superficial trigone
A08.3.01.024 trigone trigone of bladder
A08.1.05.008 type ampullary type
A08.1.05.002 type branching type
A08.3.01.007 umbilical median umbilical ligament
A08.3.01.015 unstratified unstratified part
A08.2.01.001 ureter ureter
A08.3.01.026 ureteric ureteric orifice
A08.4.01.001 urethra female urethra
A08.5.01.001 urethra male urethra
A08.3.01.027 urethral internal urethral orifice
A08.3.01.028 urethral internal urethral orifice
A08.3.01.001 urinary urinary bladder
A08.3.01.027 urinary internal urinary meatus
A08.3.01.028 urinary internal urinary meatus
A08.0.00.000 urinary urinary system
A08.3.01.006 uvula uvula of bladder
A08.1.03.008 vasa vasa recta
A08.1.01.024 vascular vascular bundles
A08.1.04.003 veins arcuate veins
A08.1.04.004 veins cortical radiate veins
A08.1.04.002 veins interlobar veins
A08.1.04.004 veins interlobular veins
A08.1.04.001 veins intrarenal veins
A08.1.04.006 veins stellate veins
A08.1.04.005 venulae venulae rectae
A08.1.04.005 venules straight venules
A08.3.01.021 vesicoprostaticus vesicoprostaticus
A08.3.01.021 vesicovaginalis vesicovaginalis
A08.1.01.026 zone inner zone
A08.1.01.021 zone outer zone
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