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respiratory system
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A06.1.01.012 accessory accessory nasal cartilages
A06.1.02.021 agger agger nasi
A06.1.01.005 ala ala of nose
A06.1.01.007 alar major alar cartilage
A06.1.01.011 alar minor alar cartilages
A06.5.02.012 anterior anterior basal segment
A06.5.02.023 anterior anterior basal segment
A06.4.02.012 anterior anterior basal segmental bronchus
A06.4.02.023 anterior anterior basal segmental bronchus
A06.5.01.012 anterior anterior border
A06.1.03.006 anterior anterior ethmoidal cells
A06.5.02.005 anterior anterior segment
A06.5.02.017 anterior anterior segment
A06.4.02.005 anterior anterior segmental bronchus
A06.4.02.017 anterior anterior segmental bronchus
A06.2.04.004 anterolateral anterolateral surface
A06.3.01.006 anular anular ligaments
A06.1.02.003 aperture posterior nasal aperture
A06.2.04.012 apex apex of arytenoid cartilage
A06.5.01.005 apex apex of lung
A06.1.01.004 apex apex of nose
A06.5.02.003 apical apical segment
A06.4.02.003 apical apical segmental bronchus
A06.5.02.016 apicoposterior apicoposterior segment
A06.4.02.016 apicoposterior apicoposterior segmental bronchus
A06.2.03.002 arch arch of cricoid cartilage
A06.2.04.006 arcuate arcuate crest
A06.2.03.004 articular arytenoid articular surface
A06.2.03.005 articular thyroid articular surface
A06.2.04.002 articular articular surface
A06.2.09.003 ary-epiglottic ary-epiglottic fold
A06.2.08.011 ary-epiglottic ary-epiglottic part
A06.2.08.010 arytenoid oblique arytenoid
A06.2.08.012 arytenoid transverse arytenoid
A06.2.03.004 arytenoid arytenoid articular surface
A06.2.04.012 arytenoid apex of arytenoid cartilage
A06.2.04.003 arytenoid base of arytenoid cartilage
A06.2.04.001 arythenoid arythenoid cartilage
A06.1.02.025 atrium atrium of middle meatus
A06.5.02.012 basal anterior basal segment
A06.5.02.023 basal anterior basal segment
A06.5.02.013 basal lateral basal segment
A06.5.02.024 basal lateral basal segment
A06.5.02.011 basal medial basal segment
A06.5.02.022 basal medial basal segment
A06.5.02.014 basal posterior basal segment
A06.5.02.025 basal posterior basal segment
A06.4.02.012 basal anterior basal segmental bronchus
A06.4.02.023 basal anterior basal segmental bronchus
A06.4.02.013 basal lateral basal segmental bronchus
A06.4.02.024 basal lateral basal segmental bronchus
A06.4.02.011 basal medial basal segmental bronchus
A06.4.02.022 basal medial basal segmental bronchus
A06.4.02.014 basal posterior basal segmental bronchus
A06.4.02.025 basal posterior basal segmental bronchus
A06.2.04.003 base base of arytenoid cartilage
A06.5.01.004 base base of lung
A06.3.01.008 bifurcation tracheal bifurcation
A06.5.01.023 blood intrapulmonary blood vessels
A06.2.07.007 body pre-epiglottic fat body
A06.1.02.007 bony bony part
A06.5.01.012 border anterior border
A06.5.01.014 border inferior border
A06.4.02.026 bronchi intrasegmental bronchi
A06.4.02.001 bronchi lobar and segmental bronchi
A06.4.01.001 bronchi bronchi
A06.4.02.030 bronchial bronchial glands
A06.4.01.002 bronchial bronchial tree
A06.5.02.026 bronchioles bronchioles
A06.5.02.001 bronchopulmonary bronchopulmonary segments
A06.4.02.012 bronchus anterior basal segmental bronchus
A06.4.02.023 bronchus anterior basal segmental bronchus
A06.4.02.005 bronchus anterior segmental bronchus
A06.4.02.017 bronchus anterior segmental bronchus
A06.4.02.003 bronchus apical segmental bronchus
A06.4.02.016 bronchus apicoposterior segmental bronchus
A06.4.02.019 bronchus inferior lingular bronchus
A06.4.02.013 bronchus lateral basal segmental bronchus
A06.4.02.024 bronchus lateral basal segmental bronchus
A06.4.02.007 bronchus lateral segmental bronchus
A06.4.02.020 bronchus left inferior lobar bronchus
A06.4.01.004 bronchus left main bronchus
A06.4.02.015 bronchus left superior lobar bronchus
A06.4.02.011 bronchus medial basal segmental bronchus
A06.4.02.022 bronchus medial basal segmental bronchus
A06.4.02.008 bronchus medial segmental bronchus
A06.4.02.006 bronchus middle lobar bronchus
A06.4.02.014 bronchus posterior basal segmental bronchus
A06.4.02.025 bronchus posterior basal segmental bronchus
A06.4.02.004 bronchus posterior segmental bronchus
A06.4.02.009 bronchus right inferior lobar bronchus
A06.4.01.003 bronchus right main bronchus
A06.4.02.002 bronchus right superior lobar bronchus
A06.4.02.018 bronchus superior lingular bronchus
A06.4.02.010 bronchus superior segmental bronchus
A06.4.02.021 bronchus superior segmental bronchus
A06.1.02.026 bulla ethmoidal bulla
A06.2.02.016 bursa infrahyoid bursa
A06.2.02.015 bursa retrohyoid bursa
A06.2.04.015 capsule capsule of crico-arytenoid joint
A06.2.03.007 capsule capsule of cricothyroid joint
A06.5.01.009 cardiac cardiac impression
A06.5.01.013 cardiac cardiac notch of left lung
A06.3.01.009 carina carina of trachea
A06.2.04.012 cartilage apex of arytenoid cartilage
A06.2.03.002 cartilage arch of cricoid cartilage
A06.2.04.001 cartilage arythenoid cartilage
A06.2.04.003 cartilage base of arytenoid cartilage
A06.2.05.001 cartilage corniculate cartilage
A06.2.03.001 cartilage cricoid cartilage
A06.2.06.001 cartilage cuneiform cartilage
A06.2.07.002 cartilage epiglottic cartilage
A06.2.03.003 cartilage lamina of cricoid cartilage
A06.1.01.007 cartilage major alar cartilage
A06.1.01.013 cartilage septal nasal cartilage
A06.2.04.018 cartilage sesamoid cartilage
A06.2.02.002 cartilage thyroid cartilage
A06.2.02.018 cartilage triticeal cartilage
A06.1.01.016 cartilage vomeronasal cartilage
A06.1.01.012 cartilages accessory nasal cartilages
A06.1.01.011 cartilages minor alar cartilages
A06.1.01.006 cartilages nasal cartilages
A06.3.01.004 cartilages tracheal cartilages
A06.2.02.001 cartilages laryngeal cartilages and joints
A06.1.02.006 cartilaginous cartilaginous part
A06.1.02.016 cavernous cavernous plexus of conchae
A06.2.09.018 cavity infraglottic cavity
A06.2.09.001 cavity laryngeal cavity
A06.1.02.001 cavity nasal cavity
A06.1.03.006 cells anterior ethmoidal cells
A06.1.03.005 cells ethmoidal cells
A06.1.03.007 cells middle ethmoidal cells
A06.1.03.008 cells posterior ethmoidal cells
A06.2.08.005 ceratocricoid ceratocricoid
A06.2.03.008 ceratocricoid ceratocricoid ligament
A06.3.01.002 cervical cervical part
A06.1.02.003 choana choana
A06.2.04.007 colliculus colliculus
A06.1.02.031 common common nasal meatus
A06.1.02.012 concha highest nasal concha
A06.1.02.015 concha inferior nasal concha
A06.1.02.014 concha middle nasal concha
A06.1.02.013 concha superior nasal concha
A06.1.02.016 conchae cavernous plexus of conchae
A06.2.09.024 conus conus elasticus
A06.2.05.001 corniculate corniculate cartilage
A06.2.05.002 corniculate corniculate tubercle
A06.2.09.004 corniculate corniculate tubercle
A06.5.01.006 costal costal surface
A06.2.04.006 crest arcuate crest
A06.2.08.006 crico-arytenoid lateral crico-arytenoid
A06.2.08.004 crico-arytenoid posterior crico-arytenoid
A06.2.04.015 crico-arytenoid capsule of crico-arytenoid joint
A06.2.04.014 crico-arytenoid crico-arytenoid joint
A06.2.04.016 crico-arytenoid crico-arytenoid ligament
A06.2.03.002 cricoid arch of cricoid cartilage
A06.2.03.003 cricoid lamina of cricoid cartilage
A06.2.03.001 cricoid cricoid cartilage
A06.2.04.017 cricopharyngeal cricopharyngeal ligament
A06.2.08.001 cricothyroid cricothyroid
A06.2.03.007 cricothyroid capsule of cricothyroid joint
A06.2.03.006 cricothyroid cricothyroid joint
A06.2.03.009 cricothyroid median cricothyroid ligament
A06.2.03.010 cricotracheal cricotracheal ligament
A06.2.09.024 cricovocal cricovocal membrane
A06.1.01.010 crus lateral crus
A06.1.01.008 crus medial crus
A06.2.06.001 cuneiform cuneiform cartilage
A06.2.06.002 cuneiform cuneiform tubercle
A06.2.09.005 cuneiform cuneiform tubercle
A06.5.01.010 diaphragmatic diaphragmatic surface
A06.1.01.003 dorsum dorsum of nose
A06.1.02.033 duct incisive duct
A06.1.02.030 duct opening of nasolacrimal duct
A06.2.09.024 elasticus conus elasticus
A06.2.07.002 epiglottic epiglottic cartilage
A06.2.07.004 epiglottic epiglottic tubercle
A06.2.07.003 epiglottis stalk of epiglottis
A06.2.07.001 epiglottis epiglottis
A06.1.02.026 ethmoidal ethmoidal bulla
A06.1.03.006 ethmoidal anterior ethmoidal cells
A06.1.03.007 ethmoidal middle ethmoidal cells
A06.1.03.008 ethmoidal posterior ethmoidal cells
A06.1.03.005 ethmoidal ethmoidal cells
A06.1.02.027 ethmoidal ethmoidal infundibulum
A06.2.07.007 fat pre-epiglottic fat body
A06.2.09.021 fibro-elastic fibro-elastic membrane of larynx
A06.4.02.027 fibromusculocartilaginous fibromusculocartilaginous layer
A06.5.01.021 fissure oblique fissure
A06.5.01.022 fissure horizontal fissure of right lung
A06.2.09.003 fold ary-epiglottic fold
A06.2.09.017 fold interarytenoid fold
A06.2.09.008 fold vestibular fold
A06.2.09.013 fold vocal fold
A06.2.02.012 foramen thyroid foramen
A06.2.04.008 fovea oblong fovea
A06.2.04.009 fovea triangular fovea
A06.1.03.004 frontal frontal sinus
A06.4.02.030 glands bronchial glands
A06.2.09.020 glands laryngeal glands
A06.1.02.020 glands nasal glands
A06.3.01.011 glands tracheal glands
A06.2.09.014 glottidis rima glottidis
A06.2.09.012 glottis glottis
A06.1.02.011 groove olfactory groove
A06.1.02.028 hiatus semilunar hiatus
A06.1.02.012 highest highest nasal concha
A06.5.01.015 hilum hilum of lung
A06.5.01.022 horizontal horizontal fissure of right lung
A06.2.02.011 horn inferior horn
A06.2.02.010 horn superior horn
A06.2.07.006 hyo-epiglottic hyo-epiglottic ligament
A06.5.01.009 impression cardiac impression
A06.1.02.033 incisive incisive duct
A06.5.01.014 inferior inferior border
A06.2.02.011 inferior inferior horn
A06.4.02.019 inferior inferior lingular bronchus
A06.5.02.019 inferior inferior lingular segment
A06.4.02.020 inferior left inferior lobar bronchus
A06.4.02.009 inferior right inferior lobar bronchus
A06.5.01.020 inferior inferior lobe
A06.5.02.020 inferior inferior lobe of left lung
A06.5.02.009 inferior inferior lobe of right lung
A06.1.02.015 inferior inferior nasal concha
A06.1.02.029 inferior inferior nasal meatus
A06.2.02.006 inferior inferior thyroid notch
A06.2.02.008 inferior inferior thyroid tubercle
A06.2.09.018 infraglottic infraglottic cavity
A06.2.02.016 infrahyoid infrahyoid bursa
A06.1.02.027 infundibulum ethmoidal infundibulum
A06.2.09.002 inlet laryngeal inlet
A06.2.09.017 interarytenoid interarytenoid fold
A06.2.09.006 interarytenoid interarytenoid notch
A06.2.09.016 intercartilaginous intercartilaginous part
A06.5.01.011 interlobar interlobar surface
A06.2.09.015 intermembranous intermembranous part
A06.5.01.023 intrapulmonary intrapulmonary blood vessels
A06.4.02.026 intrasegmental intrasegmental bronchi
A06.2.04.015 joint capsule of crico-arytenoid joint
A06.2.03.007 joint capsule of cricothyroid joint
A06.2.04.014 joint crico-arytenoid joint
A06.2.03.006 joint cricothyroid joint
A06.2.02.001 joints laryngeal cartilages and joints
A06.2.02.004 lamina lamina
A06.2.03.003 lamina lamina of cricoid cartilage
A06.2.02.001 laryngeal laryngeal cartilages and joints
A06.2.09.001 laryngeal laryngeal cavity
A06.2.09.020 laryngeal laryngeal glands
A06.2.09.002 laryngeal laryngeal inlet
A06.2.02.003 laryngeal laryngeal prominence
A06.2.09.011 laryngeal laryngeal saccule
A06.2.09.010 laryngeal laryngeal ventricle
A06.2.09.007 laryngeal laryngeal vestibule
A06.2.09.021 larynx fibro-elastic membrane of larynx
A06.2.01.001 larynx larynx
A06.5.02.013 lateral lateral basal segment
A06.5.02.024 lateral lateral basal segment
A06.4.02.013 lateral lateral basal segmental bronchus
A06.4.02.024 lateral lateral basal segmental bronchus
A06.2.08.006 lateral lateral crico-arytenoid
A06.1.01.010 lateral lateral crus
A06.1.01.014 lateral lateral process
A06.5.02.007 lateral lateral segment
A06.4.02.007 lateral lateral segmental bronchus
A06.2.02.017 lateral lateral thyrohyoid ligament
A06.4.02.027 layer fibromusculocartilaginous layer
A06.4.02.020 left left inferior lobar bronchus
A06.5.01.013 left cardiac notch of left lung
A06.5.02.020 left inferior lobe of left lung
A06.5.01.018 left lingula of left lung
A06.5.02.015 left superior lobe of left lung
A06.5.01.003 left left lung
A06.4.01.004 left left main bronchus
A06.4.02.015 left left superior lobar bronchus
A06.2.03.008 ligament ceratocricoid ligament
A06.2.04.016 ligament crico-arytenoid ligament
A06.2.04.017 ligament cricopharyngeal ligament
A06.2.03.010 ligament cricotracheal ligament
A06.2.07.006 ligament hyo-epiglottic ligament
A06.2.02.017 ligament lateral thyrohyoid ligament
A06.2.03.009 ligament median cricothyroid ligament
A06.2.02.014 ligament median thyrohyoid ligament
A06.2.07.005 ligament thyro-epiglottic ligament
A06.2.09.023 ligament vestibular ligament
A06.2.09.025 ligament vocal ligament
A06.3.01.006 ligaments anular ligaments
A06.1.02.010 limen limen nasi
A06.2.02.009 line oblique line
A06.5.01.018 lingula lingula of left lung
A06.4.02.019 lingular inferior lingular bronchus
A06.4.02.018 lingular superior lingular bronchus
A06.5.02.019 lingular inferior lingular segment
A06.5.02.018 lingular superior lingular segment
A06.4.02.001 lobar lobar and segmental bronchi
A06.4.02.020 lobar left inferior lobar bronchus
A06.4.02.015 lobar left superior lobar bronchus
A06.4.02.006 lobar middle lobar bronchus
A06.4.02.009 lobar right inferior lobar bronchus
A06.4.02.002 lobar right superior lobar bronchus
A06.5.01.020 lobe inferior lobe
A06.5.01.020 lobe lower lobe
A06.5.01.017 lobe superior lobe
A06.5.01.017 lobe upper lobe
A06.5.02.020 lobe inferior lobe of left lung
A06.5.02.015 lobe superior lobe of left lung
A06.5.02.009 lobe inferior lobe of right lung
A06.5.01.019 lobe middle lobe of right lung
A06.5.02.006 lobe middle lobe of right lung
A06.5.02.002 lobe superior lobe of right lung
A06.5.02.027 lobule lobule
A06.5.01.020 lower lower lobe
A06.5.01.005 lung apex of lung
A06.5.01.004 lung base of lung
A06.5.01.013 lung cardiac notch of left lung
A06.5.01.015 lung hilum of lung
A06.5.01.022 lung horizontal fissure of right lung
A06.5.02.020 lung inferior lobe of left lung
A06.5.02.009 lung inferior lobe of right lung
A06.5.01.003 lung left lung
A06.5.01.018 lung lingula of left lung
A06.5.01.019 lung middle lobe of right lung
A06.5.02.006 lung middle lobe of right lung
A06.5.01.002 lung right lung
A06.5.01.016 lung root of lung
A06.5.02.015 lung superior lobe of left lung
A06.5.02.002 lung superior lobe of right lung
A06.5.01.001 lungs lungs
A06.4.01.004 main left main bronchus
A06.4.01.003 main right main bronchus
A06.1.01.007 major major alar cartilage
A06.1.03.002 maxillary maxillary sinus
A06.1.02.025 meatus atrium of middle meatus
A06.1.02.031 meatus common nasal meatus
A06.1.02.029 meatus inferior nasal meatus
A06.1.02.024 meatus middle nasal meatus
A06.1.02.032 meatus nasopharyngeal meatus
A06.1.02.023 meatus superior nasal meatus
A06.5.02.011 medial medial basal segment
A06.5.02.022 medial medial basal segment
A06.4.02.011 medial medial basal segmental bronchus
A06.4.02.022 medial medial basal segmental bronchus
A06.1.01.008 medial medial crus
A06.5.02.008 medial medial segment
A06.4.02.008 medial medial segmental bronchus
A06.2.04.010 medial medial surface
A06.2.03.009 median median cricothyroid ligament
A06.2.02.014 median median thyrohyoid ligament
A06.5.01.008 mediastinal mediastinal surface
A06.2.09.024 membrane cricovocal membrane
A06.1.02.017 membrane mucous membrane
A06.2.09.019 membrane mucous membrane
A06.3.01.010 membrane mucous membrane
A06.4.02.029 membrane mucous membrane
A06.2.09.022 membrane quadrangular membrane
A06.2.02.013 membrane thyrohyoid membrane
A06.2.09.021 membrane fibro-elastic membrane of larynx
A06.1.02.005 membranous membranous part
A06.3.01.007 membranous membranous wall
A06.1.03.007 middle middle ethmoidal cells
A06.4.02.006 middle middle lobar bronchus
A06.5.01.019 middle middle lobe of right lung
A06.5.02.006 middle middle lobe of right lung
A06.1.02.025 middle atrium of middle meatus
A06.1.02.014 middle middle nasal concha
A06.1.02.024 middle middle nasal meatus
A06.1.01.011 minor minor alar cartilages
A06.1.01.009 mobile mobile part of nasal septum
A06.1.02.017 mucosa mucosa
A06.2.09.019 mucosa mucosa
A06.3.01.010 mucosa mucosa
A06.4.02.029 mucosa mucosa
A06.1.02.017 mucous mucous membrane
A06.2.09.019 mucous mucous membrane
A06.3.01.010 mucous mucous membrane
A06.4.02.029 mucous mucous membrane
A06.2.04.013 muscular muscular process
A06.1.02.002 naris naris
A06.1.02.003 nasal posterior nasal aperture
A06.1.01.013 nasal septal nasal cartilage
A06.1.01.012 nasal accessory nasal cartilages
A06.1.01.006 nasal nasal cartilages
A06.1.02.001 nasal nasal cavity
A06.1.02.012 nasal highest nasal concha
A06.1.02.015 nasal inferior nasal concha
A06.1.02.014 nasal middle nasal concha
A06.1.02.013 nasal superior nasal concha
A06.1.02.020 nasal nasal glands
A06.1.02.031 nasal common nasal meatus
A06.1.02.029 nasal inferior nasal meatus
A06.1.02.024 nasal middle nasal meatus
A06.1.02.023 nasal superior nasal meatus
A06.1.01.009 nasal mobile part of nasal septum
A06.1.02.004 nasal nasal septum
A06.1.02.009 nasal nasal vestibule
A06.1.02.021 nasi agger nasi
A06.1.02.010 nasi limen nasi
A06.1.02.030 nasolacrimal opening of nasolacrimal duct
A06.1.02.032 nasopharyngeal nasopharyngeal meatus
A06.1.01.005 nose ala of nose
A06.1.01.004 nose apex of nose
A06.1.01.003 nose dorsum of nose
A06.1.01.002 nose root of nose
A06.1.01.004 nose tip of nose
A06.1.01.001 nose nose
A06.1.02.002 nostril nostril
A06.2.02.006 notch inferior thyroid notch
A06.2.09.006 notch interarytenoid notch
A06.2.02.005 notch superior thyroid notch
A06.5.01.013 notch cardiac notch of left lung
A06.2.08.010 oblique oblique arytenoid
A06.5.01.021 oblique oblique fissure
A06.2.02.009 oblique oblique line
A06.2.08.003 oblique oblique part
A06.2.04.008 oblong oblong fovea
A06.1.02.011 olfactory olfactory groove
A06.1.02.019 olfactory olfactory region
A06.1.02.030 opening opening of nasolacrimal duct
A06.1.02.008 organ vomeronasal organ
A06.1.03.001 paranasal paranasal sinuses
A06.2.08.011 part ary-epiglottic part
A06.1.02.007 part bony part
A06.1.02.006 part cartilaginous part
A06.3.01.002 part cervical part
A06.2.09.016 part intercartilaginous part
A06.2.09.015 part intermembranous part
A06.1.02.005 part membranous part
A06.2.08.003 part oblique part
A06.2.08.002 part straight part
A06.3.01.003 part thoracic part
A06.2.08.009 part thyro-epiglottic part
A06.5.01.007 part vertebral part
A06.1.01.009 part mobile part of nasal septum
A06.1.02.016 plexus cavernous plexus of conchae
A06.5.02.014 posterior posterior basal segment
A06.5.02.025 posterior posterior basal segment
A06.4.02.014 posterior posterior basal segmental bronchus
A06.4.02.025 posterior posterior basal segmental bronchus
A06.2.08.004 posterior posterior crico-arytenoid
A06.1.03.008 posterior posterior ethmoidal cells
A06.1.02.003 posterior posterior nasal aperture
A06.1.01.015 posterior posterior process
A06.5.02.004 posterior posterior segment
A06.4.02.004 posterior posterior segmental bronchus
A06.2.04.011 posterior posterior surface
A06.2.07.007 pre-epiglottic pre-epiglottic fat body
A06.1.01.014 process lateral process
A06.2.04.013 process muscular process
A06.1.01.015 process posterior process
A06.1.01.015 process sphenoid process
A06.2.04.005 process vocal process
A06.2.02.003 prominence laryngeal prominence
A06.2.09.022 quadrangular quadrangular membrane
A06.1.02.022 recess spheno-ethmoidal recess
A06.1.02.019 region olfactory region
A06.1.02.018 region respiratory region
A06.1.02.018 respiratory respiratory region
A06.0.00.000 respiratory respiratory system
A06.2.02.015 retrohyoid retrohyoid bursa
A06.4.02.009 right right inferior lobar bronchus
A06.5.01.022 right horizontal fissure of right lung
A06.5.02.009 right inferior lobe of right lung
A06.5.01.019 right middle lobe of right lung
A06.5.02.006 right middle lobe of right lung
A06.5.02.002 right superior lobe of right lung
A06.5.01.002 right right lung
A06.4.01.003 right right main bronchus
A06.4.02.002 right right superior lobar bronchus
A06.2.09.014 rima rima glottidis
A06.2.09.009 rima rima vestibuli
A06.5.01.016 root root of lung
A06.1.01.002 root root of nose
A06.2.09.011 saccule laryngeal saccule
A06.5.02.005 segment anterior segment
A06.5.02.017 segment anterior segment
A06.5.02.012 segment anterior basal segment
A06.5.02.023 segment anterior basal segment
A06.5.02.003 segment apical segment
A06.5.02.016 segment apicoposterior segment
A06.5.02.019 segment inferior lingular segment
A06.5.02.007 segment lateral segment
A06.5.02.013 segment lateral basal segment
A06.5.02.024 segment lateral basal segment
A06.5.02.008 segment medial segment
A06.5.02.011 segment medial basal segment
A06.5.02.022 segment medial basal segment
A06.5.02.004 segment posterior segment
A06.5.02.014 segment posterior basal segment
A06.5.02.025 segment posterior basal segment
A06.5.02.010 segment superior segment
A06.5.02.021 segment superior segment
A06.5.02.018 segment superior lingular segment
A06.4.02.001 segmental lobar and segmental bronchi
A06.4.02.005 segmental anterior segmental bronchus
A06.4.02.017 segmental anterior segmental bronchus
A06.4.02.012 segmental anterior basal segmental bronchus
A06.4.02.023 segmental anterior basal segmental bronchus
A06.4.02.003 segmental apical segmental bronchus
A06.4.02.016 segmental apicoposterior segmental bronchus
A06.4.02.007 segmental lateral segmental bronchus
A06.4.02.013 segmental lateral basal segmental bronchus
A06.4.02.024 segmental lateral basal segmental bronchus
A06.4.02.008 segmental medial segmental bronchus
A06.4.02.011 segmental medial basal segmental bronchus
A06.4.02.022 segmental medial basal segmental bronchus
A06.4.02.004 segmental posterior segmental bronchus
A06.4.02.014 segmental posterior basal segmental bronchus
A06.4.02.025 segmental posterior basal segmental bronchus
A06.4.02.010 segmental superior segmental bronchus
A06.4.02.021 segmental superior segmental bronchus
A06.5.02.001 segments bronchopulmonary segments
A06.1.02.028 semilunar semilunar hiatus
A06.1.01.013 septal septal nasal cartilage
A06.1.01.009 septum mobile part of nasal septum
A06.1.02.004 septum nasal septum
A06.2.04.018 sesamoid sesamoid cartilage
A06.1.03.004 sinus frontal sinus
A06.1.03.002 sinus maxillary sinus
A06.1.03.003 sinus sphenoidal sinus
A06.1.03.001 sinuses paranasal sinuses
A06.1.02.022 spheno-ethmoidal spheno-ethmoidal recess
A06.1.01.015 sphenoid sphenoid process
A06.1.03.003 sphenoidal sphenoidal sinus
A06.2.07.003 stalk stalk of epiglottis
A06.2.08.002 straight straight part
A06.4.02.028 submucosa submucosa
A06.2.02.010 superior superior horn
A06.4.02.018 superior superior lingular bronchus
A06.5.02.018 superior superior lingular segment
A06.4.02.015 superior left superior lobar bronchus
A06.4.02.002 superior right superior lobar bronchus
A06.5.01.017 superior superior lobe
A06.5.02.015 superior superior lobe of left lung
A06.5.02.002 superior superior lobe of right lung
A06.1.02.013 superior superior nasal concha
A06.1.02.023 superior superior nasal meatus
A06.5.02.010 superior superior segment
A06.5.02.021 superior superior segment
A06.4.02.010 superior superior segmental bronchus
A06.4.02.021 superior superior segmental bronchus
A06.2.02.005 superior superior thyroid notch
A06.2.02.007 superior superior thyroid tubercle
A06.2.04.004 surface anterolateral surface
A06.2.04.002 surface articular surface
A06.2.03.004 surface arytenoid articular surface
A06.5.01.006 surface costal surface
A06.5.01.010 surface diaphragmatic surface
A06.5.01.011 surface interlobar surface
A06.2.04.010 surface medial surface
A06.5.01.008 surface mediastinal surface
A06.2.04.011 surface posterior surface
A06.2.03.005 surface thyroid articular surface
A06.0.00.000 system respiratory system
A06.3.01.003 thoracic thoracic part
A06.2.08.008 thyro-arytenoid thyro-arytenoid
A06.2.07.005 thyro-epiglottic thyro-epiglottic ligament
A06.2.08.009 thyro-epiglottic thyro-epiglottic part
A06.2.02.017 thyrohyoid lateral thyrohyoid ligament
A06.2.02.014 thyrohyoid median thyrohyoid ligament
A06.2.02.013 thyrohyoid thyrohyoid membrane
A06.2.03.005 thyroid thyroid articular surface
A06.2.02.002 thyroid thyroid cartilage
A06.2.02.012 thyroid thyroid foramen
A06.2.02.006 thyroid inferior thyroid notch
A06.2.02.005 thyroid superior thyroid notch
A06.2.02.008 thyroid inferior thyroid tubercle
A06.2.02.007 thyroid superior thyroid tubercle
A06.1.01.004 tip tip of nose
A06.3.01.009 trachea carina of trachea
A06.3.01.001 trachea trachea
A06.3.01.008 tracheal tracheal bifurcation
A06.3.01.004 tracheal tracheal cartilages
A06.3.01.011 tracheal tracheal glands
A06.3.01.005 trachealis trachealis
A06.2.08.012 transverse transverse arytenoid
A06.4.01.002 tree bronchial tree
A06.2.04.009 triangular triangular fovea
A06.2.02.018 triticeal triticeal cartilage
A06.2.05.002 tubercle corniculate tubercle
A06.2.09.004 tubercle corniculate tubercle
A06.2.06.002 tubercle cuneiform tubercle
A06.2.09.005 tubercle cuneiform tubercle
A06.2.07.004 tubercle epiglottic tubercle
A06.2.02.008 tubercle inferior thyroid tubercle
A06.2.02.007 tubercle superior thyroid tubercle
A06.5.01.017 upper upper lobe
A06.2.09.010 ventricle laryngeal ventricle
A06.5.01.007 vertebral vertebral part
A06.5.01.023 vessels intrapulmonary blood vessels
A06.2.09.008 vestibular vestibular fold
A06.2.09.023 vestibular vestibular ligament
A06.2.09.007 vestibule laryngeal vestibule
A06.1.02.009 vestibule nasal vestibule
A06.2.09.009 vestibuli rima vestibuli
A06.2.09.013 vocal vocal fold
A06.2.09.025 vocal vocal ligament
A06.2.04.005 vocal vocal process
A06.2.08.007 vocalis vocalis
A06.1.01.016 vomeronasal vomeronasal cartilage
A06.1.02.008 vomeronasal vomeronasal organ
A06.3.01.007 wall membranous wall
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