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A03.0.00.053 abduction abduction
A03.6.07.008 acetabular acetabular labrum
A03.6.07.009 acetabular transverse acetabular ligament
A03.5.03.001 acromioclavicular acromioclavicular joint
A03.5.03.002 acromioclavicular acromioclavicular ligament
A03.0.00.054 adduction adduction
A03.6.08.010 alar alar folds
A03.2.04.002 alar alar ligaments
A03.1.03.008 alveoli dental alveoli
A03.0.00.052 amphiarthrosis amphiarthrosis
A03.6.10.002 ankle ankle joint
A03.1.08.003 anterior anterior atlanto-occipital ligament
A03.1.08.002 anterior anterior atlanto-occipital membrane
A03.6.08.007 anterior anterior cruciate ligament
A03.1.05.007 anterior anterior intra-occipital synchondrosis
A03.6.09.002 anterior anterior ligament of fibular head
A03.2.01.007 anterior anterior longitudinal ligament
A03.6.08.003 anterior anterior meniscofemoral ligament
A03.2.08.004 anterior anterior sacrococcygeal ligament
A03.6.03.002 anterior anterior sacro-iliac ligament
A03.5.04.003 anterior anterior sternoclavicular ligament
A03.6.10.009 anterior anterior talofibular ligament
A03.6.05.003 anterior anterior tibiofibular ligament
A03.6.10.006 anterior anterior tibiotalar part
A03.5.09.007 anular anular ligament of radius
A03.2.02.004 anulus anulus fibrosus
A03.2.04.003 apical apical ligament of dens
A03.6.08.014 arcuate arcuate popliteal ligament
A03.0.00.026 articular articular capsule
A03.0.00.022 articular articular cavity
A03.0.00.032 articular articular disc
A03.1.07.002 articular articular disc
A03.5.03.003 articular articular disc
A03.5.04.002 articular articular disc
A03.5.10.002 articular articular disc
A03.0.00.023 articular articular fossa
A03.0.00.024 articular articular head
A03.0.00.038 articular articular recess
A03.0.00.021 articular articular surface
A03.0.00.000 articular articular system
A03.2.05.001 atlanto-axial lateral atlanto-axial joint
A03.2.04.001 atlanto-axial median atlanto-axial joint
A03.1.08.001 atlanto-occipital atlanto-occipital joint
A03.1.08.003 atlanto-occipital anterior atlanto-occipital ligament
A03.1.08.005 atlanto-occipital lateral atlanto-occipital ligament
A03.1.08.002 atlanto-occipital anterior atlanto-occipital membrane
A03.1.08.004 atlanto-occipital posterior atlanto-occipital membrane
A03.2.04.004 atlas cruciate ligament of atlas
A03.2.04.006 atlas transverse ligament of atlas
A03.0.00.050 ball ball and socket joint
A03.2.04.005 bands longitudinal bands
A03.0.00.047 bicondylar bicondylar joint
A03.6.10.511 bifurcate bifurcate ligament
A03.0.00.002 bony bony joints
A03.0.00.019 bony bony union
A03.0.00.039 bursa synovial bursa
A03.6.10.204 calcaneocuboid calcaneocuboid joint
A03.6.10.515 calcaneocuboid dorsal calcaneocuboid ligament
A03.6.10.518 calcaneocuboid plantar calcaneocuboid ligament
A03.6.10.513 calcaneocuboid calcaneocuboid ligament
A03.6.10.011 calcaneofibular calcaneofibular ligament
A03.6.10.203 calcaneonavicular plantar calcaneonavicular ligament
A03.6.10.512 calcaneonavicular calcaneonavicular ligament
A03.6.01.003 canal obturator canal
A03.5.11.202 canal ulnar canal
A03.0.00.036 capsular capsular ligaments
A03.0.00.026 capsule articular capsule
A03.0.00.026 capsule joint capsule
A03.5.11.101 carpal carpal joints
A03.5.11.103 carpal radiate carpal ligament
A03.5.11.201 carpal carpal tunnel
A03.5.11.304 carpometacarpal carpometacarpal joint of thumb
A03.5.11.301 carpometacarpal carpometacarpal joints
A03.5.11.302 carpometacarpal dorsal carpometacarpal ligaments
A03.5.11.303 carpometacarpal palmar carpometacarpal ligaments
A03.0.00.018 cartilage epiphysial cartilage
A03.0.00.018 cartilaginous primary cartilaginous joint
A03.0.00.017 cartilaginous secondary cartilaginous joint
A03.0.00.015 cartilaginous cartilaginous joint
A03.1.04.001 cartilaginous cranial cartilaginous joints
A03.0.00.022 cavity articular cavity
A03.1.03.007 cement cement
A03.1.03.007 cementum cementum
A03.0.00.057 circumduction circumduction
A03.6.08.011 collateral fibular collateral ligament
A03.5.09.006 collateral radial collateral ligament
A03.6.08.012 collateral tibial collateral ligament
A03.5.09.005 collateral ulnar collateral ligament
A03.5.11.008 collateral radial collateral ligament of wrist joint
A03.5.11.007 collateral ulnar collateral ligament of wrist joint
A03.5.11.502 collateral collateral ligaments
A03.5.11.602 collateral collateral ligaments
A03.6.10.802 collateral collateral ligaments
A03.6.10.902 collateral collateral ligaments
A03.2.02.001 column synchondroses of vertebral column
A03.2.01.001 column syndesmoses of vertebral column
A03.0.00.042 complex complex joint
A03.0.00.049 condylar condylar joint
A03.5.03.006 conoid conoid ligament
A03.5.01.002 coraco-acromial coraco-acromial ligament
A03.5.03.004 coracoclavicular coracoclavicular ligament
A03.5.08.004 coracohumeral coracohumeral ligament
A03.5.06.003 cord oblique cord
A03.1.02.002 coronal coronal suture
A03.3.06.001 costochondral costochondral joints
A03.5.04.005 costoclavicular costoclavicular ligament
A03.3.02.002 costosternal costosternal joint
A03.3.04.010 costotransverse costotransverse foramen
A03.3.04.005 costotransverse costotransverse joint
A03.3.04.008 costotransverse lateral costotransverse ligament
A03.3.04.007 costotransverse superior costotransverse ligament
A03.3.04.006 costotransverse costotransverse ligament
A03.3.04.001 costovertebral costovertebral joints
A03.3.05.005 costoxiphoid costoxiphoid ligaments
A03.0.00.051 cotyloid cotyloid joint
A03.1.04.001 cranial cranial cartilaginous joints
A03.1.00.002 cranial cranial fibrous joints
A03.1.02.001 cranial cranial sutures
A03.1.05.001 cranial cranial synchondroses
A03.1.01.001 cranial cranial syndesmoses
A03.1.06.001 cranial cranial synovial joints
A03.6.08.007 cruciate anterior cruciate ligament
A03.6.08.008 cruciate posterior cruciate ligament
A03.2.04.004 cruciate cruciate ligament of atlas
A03.6.10.510 cuboideonavicular dorsal cuboideonavicular ligament
A03.6.10.520 cuboideonavicular plantar cuboideonavicular ligament
A03.6.10.504 cuneocuboid cuneocuboid interosseous ligament
A03.6.10.509 cuneocuboid dorsal cuneocuboid ligament
A03.6.10.522 cuneocuboid plantar cuneocuboid ligament
A03.6.10.604 cuneometatarsal cuneometatarsal interosseous ligaments
A03.6.10.301 cuneonavicular cuneonavicular joint
A03.6.10.514 cuneonavicular dorsal cuneonavicular ligaments
A03.6.10.519 cuneonavicular plantar cuneonavicular ligaments
A03.0.00.044 cylindrical cylindrical joint
A03.2.08.003 deep deep posterior sacrococcygeal ligament
A03.5.11.504 deep deep transverse metacarpal ligament
A03.6.10.804 deep deep transverse metatarsal ligament
A03.6.10.003 deltoid deltoid ligament
A03.2.04.003 dens apical ligament of dens
A03.1.03.008 dental dental alveoli
A03.0.00.013 denticulate denticulate suture
A03.1.03.001 dento-alveolar dento-alveolar syndesmosis
A03.6.07.005 descending descending part
A03.1.03.006 desmodentium desmodentium
A03.0.00.020 diarthrosis diarthrosis
A03.0.00.032 disc articular disc
A03.1.07.002 disc articular disc
A03.5.03.003 disc articular disc
A03.5.04.002 disc articular disc
A03.5.10.002 disc articular disc
A03.6.02.002 disc interpubic disc
A03.2.02.003 disc intervertebral disc
A03.5.10.001 distal distal radio-ulnar joint
A03.6.10.515 dorsal dorsal calcaneocuboid ligament
A03.5.11.302 dorsal dorsal carpometacarpal ligaments
A03.6.10.510 dorsal dorsal cuboideonavicular ligament
A03.6.10.509 dorsal dorsal cuneocuboid ligament
A03.6.10.514 dorsal dorsal cuneonavicular ligaments
A03.5.11.104 dorsal dorsal intercarpal ligaments
A03.6.10.508 dorsal dorsal intercuneiform ligament
A03.5.11.402 dorsal dorsal metacarpal ligaments
A03.6.10.703 dorsal dorsal metatarsal ligaments
A03.5.11.003 dorsal dorsal radiocarpal ligament
A03.6.10.506 dorsal dorsal tarsal ligaments
A03.6.10.602 dorsal dorsal tarsometatarsal ligaments
A03.5.11.005 dorsal dorsal ulnocarpal ligament
A03.5.09.001 elbow elbow joint
A03.0.00.049 ellipsoid ellipsoid joint
A03.0.00.018 epiphysial epiphysial cartilage
A03.1.02.020 ethmoidolacrimal ethmoidolacrimal suture
A03.1.02.019 ethmoidomaxillary ethmoidomaxillary suture
A03.0.00.059 extension extension
A03.3.01.002 external external intercostal membrane
A03.0.00.055 external external rotation
A03.0.00.037 extracapsular extracapsular ligaments
A03.6.03.006 falciform falciform process
A03.6.08.018 fat infrapatellar fat pad
A03.6.07.010 femur ligament of head of femur
A03.1.03.006 fibre periodontal fibre
A03.6.02.002 fibrocartilage interpubic fibrocartilage
A03.2.02.004 fibrosus anulus fibrosus
A03.0.00.004 fibrous fibrous joint
A03.1.00.002 fibrous cranial fibrous joints
A03.0.00.027 fibrous fibrous layer
A03.0.00.027 fibrous fibrous membrane
A03.6.08.011 fibular fibular collateral ligament
A03.6.09.002 fibular anterior ligament of fibular head
A03.6.09.003 fibular posterior ligament of fibular head
A03.3.02.003 first synchondrosis of first rib
A03.2.01.003 flava ligamenta flava
A03.0.00.058 flexion flexion
A03.0.00.031 fluid synovial fluid
A03.6.08.009 fold infrapatellar synovial fold
A03.6.08.010 folds alar folds
A03.0.00.029 folds synovial folds
A03.6.10.901 foot interphalangeal joints of foot
A03.6.10.001 foot joints of foot
A03.3.04.010 foramen costotransverse foramen
A03.6.03.008 foramen greater sciatic foramen
A03.6.03.009 foramen lesser sciatic foramen
A03.5.06.002 forearm interosseous membrane of forearm
A03.0.00.023 fossa articular fossa
A03.6.04.001 free joints of free lower limb
A03.6.06.001 free synovial joints of free lower limb
A03.5.05.001 free joints of free upper limb
A03.5.07.001 free synovial joints of free upper limb
A03.1.02.014 fronto-ethmoidal fronto-ethmoidal suture
A03.1.02.016 frontolacrimal frontolacrimal suture
A03.1.02.015 frontomaxillary frontomaxillary suture
A03.1.02.013 frontonasal frontonasal suture
A03.1.02.017 frontozygomatic frontozygomatic suture
A03.1.03.003 gingiva gingiva
A03.1.03.004 gingiva gingiva
A03.5.00.002 girdle joints of pectoral girdle
A03.4.00.001 girdle joints of pelvic girdle
A03.5.01.001 girdle syndesmoses of pectoral girdle
A03.6.01.001 girdle syndesmoses of pelvic girdle
A03.5.01.001 girdle syndesmoses of shoulder girdle
A03.5.02.001 girdle synovial joints of pectoral girdle
A03.5.02.001 girdle synovial joints of shoulder girdle
A03.5.08.001 glenohumeral glenohumeral joint
A03.5.08.003 glenohumeral glenohumeral ligaments
A03.5.08.002 glenoid glenoid labrum
A03.0.00.006 gomphosis gomphosis
A03.1.03.001 gomphosis gomphosis
A03.6.03.008 greater greater sciatic foramen
A03.1.03.004 gum gum
A03.5.11.601 hand interphalangeal joints of hand
A03.5.11.001 hand joints of hand
A03.6.09.002 head anterior ligament of fibular head
A03.0.00.024 head articular head
A03.6.09.003 head posterior ligament of fibular head
A03.6.07.010 head ligament of head of femur
A03.3.04.004 head intra-articular ligament of head of rib
A03.3.04.002 head joint of head of rib
A03.3.04.003 head radiate ligament of head of rib
A03.0.00.046 hinge hinge joint
A03.6.07.001 hip hip joint
A03.5.08.005 humeral transverse humeral ligament
A03.5.09.003 humeroradial humeroradial joint
A03.5.09.002 humero-ulnar humero-ulnar joint
A03.6.07.003 iliofemoral iliofemoral ligament
A03.2.07.002 iliolumbar iliolumbar ligament
A03.6.02.004 inferior inferior pubic ligament
A03.1.07.006 inferior inferior synovial membrane
A03.6.05.001 inferior inferior tibiofibular joint
A03.5.01.004 inferior inferior transverse scapular ligament
A03.6.08.018 infrapatellar infrapatellar fat pad
A03.6.08.009 infrapatellar infrapatellar synovial fold
A03.1.03.005 inserting inserting periodontium
A03.5.11.101 intercarpal intercarpal joints
A03.5.11.104 intercarpal dorsal intercarpal ligaments
A03.5.11.106 intercarpal interosseous intercarpal ligaments
A03.5.11.105 intercarpal palmar intercarpal ligaments
A03.3.07.001 interchondral interchondral joints
A03.5.04.006 interclavicular interclavicular ligament
A03.3.01.002 intercostal external intercostal membrane
A03.3.01.003 intercostal internal intercostal membrane
A03.6.10.505 intercuneiform intercuneiform interosseous ligaments
A03.6.10.401 intercuneiform intercuneiform joints
A03.6.10.508 intercuneiform dorsal intercuneiform ligament
A03.6.10.521 intercuneiform plantar intercuneiform ligaments
A03.1.02.029 intermaxillary intermaxillary suture
A03.5.11.401 intermetacarpal intermetacarpal joints
A03.6.10.701 intermetatarsal intermetatarsal joints
A03.6.10.705 intermetatarsal intermetatarsal spaces
A03.3.01.003 internal internal intercostal membrane
A03.0.00.056 internal internal rotation
A03.1.02.025 internasal internasal suture
A03.5.11.106 interosseous interosseous intercarpal ligaments
A03.6.10.504 interosseous cuneocuboid interosseous ligament
A03.6.10.503 interosseous talocalcaneal interosseous ligament
A03.6.10.604 interosseous cuneometatarsal interosseous ligaments
A03.6.10.505 interosseous intercuneiform interosseous ligaments
A03.6.10.702 interosseous metatarsal interosseous ligaments
A03.6.10.502 interosseous tarsal interosseous ligaments
A03.0.00.007 interosseous interosseous membrane
A03.5.06.002 interosseous interosseous membrane of forearm
A03.6.05.002 interosseous interosseous membrane of leg
A03.5.11.404 interosseous interosseous metacarpal ligaments
A03.5.11.405 interosseous interosseous metacarpal spaces
A03.6.03.003 interosseous interosseous sacro-iliac ligament
A03.6.10.901 interphalangeal interphalangeal joints of foot
A03.5.11.601 interphalangeal interphalangeal joints of hand
A03.6.02.002 interpubic interpubic disc
A03.6.02.002 interpubic interpubic fibrocartilage
A03.2.01.002 interspinous interspinous ligaments
A03.2.01.004 intertransverse intertransverse ligaments
A03.2.02.003 intervertebral intervertebral disc
A03.2.02.002 intervertebral intervertebral joint
A03.3.04.004 intra-articular intra-articular ligament of head of rib
A03.3.05.002 intra-articular intra-articular sternocostal ligament
A03.0.00.035 intracapsular intracapsular ligaments
A03.1.05.007 intra-occipital anterior intra-occipital synchondrosis
A03.1.05.006 intra-occipital posterior intra-occipital synchondrosis
A03.6.07.006 ischiofemoral ischiofemoral ligament
A03.5.03.001 joint acromioclavicular joint
A03.6.10.002 joint ankle joint
A03.1.08.001 joint atlanto-occipital joint
A03.0.00.050 joint ball and socket joint
A03.0.00.047 joint bicondylar joint
A03.6.10.204 joint calcaneocuboid joint
A03.0.00.015 joint cartilaginous joint
A03.0.00.042 joint complex joint
A03.0.00.049 joint condylar joint
A03.3.02.002 joint costosternal joint
A03.3.04.005 joint costotransverse joint
A03.0.00.051 joint cotyloid joint
A03.6.10.301 joint cuneonavicular joint
A03.0.00.044 joint cylindrical joint
A03.5.10.001 joint distal radio-ulnar joint
A03.5.09.001 joint elbow joint
A03.0.00.049 joint ellipsoid joint
A03.0.00.004 joint fibrous joint
A03.5.08.001 joint glenohumeral joint
A03.0.00.046 joint hinge joint
A03.6.07.001 joint hip joint
A03.5.09.003 joint humeroradial joint
A03.5.09.002 joint humero-ulnar joint
A03.6.05.001 joint inferior tibiofibular joint
A03.2.02.002 joint intervertebral joint
A03.6.08.001 joint knee joint
A03.2.05.001 joint lateral atlanto-axial joint
A03.2.07.001 joint lumbosacral joint
A03.3.02.006 joint manubriosternal joint
A03.2.04.001 joint median atlanto-axial joint
A03.5.11.102 joint midcarpal joint
A03.5.11.107 joint pisiform joint
A03.0.00.045 joint pivot joint
A03.0.00.043 joint plane joint
A03.0.00.018 joint primary cartilaginous joint
A03.5.09.004 joint proximal radio-ulnar joint
A03.5.11.008 joint radial collateral ligament of wrist joint
A03.2.08.001 joint sacrococcygeal joint
A03.6.03.001 joint sacro-iliac joint
A03.0.00.048 joint saddle joint
A03.0.00.017 joint secondary cartilaginous joint
A03.5.08.001 joint shoulder joint
A03.0.00.041 joint simple joint
A03.0.00.050 joint spheroidal joint
A03.5.04.001 joint sternoclavicular joint
A03.6.10.101 joint subtalar joint
A03.6.09.001 joint superior tibiofibular joint
A03.0.00.020 joint synovial joint
A03.6.10.101 joint talocalcaneal joint
A03.6.10.202 joint talocalcaneonavicular joint
A03.1.07.001 joint temporomandibular joint
A03.6.09.001 joint tibiofibular joint
A03.6.10.201 joint transverse tarsal joint
A03.5.11.007 joint ulnar collateral ligament of wrist joint
A03.5.11.002 joint wrist joint
A03.3.02.005 joint xiphisternal joint
A03.0.00.001 joint joint
A03.0.00.026 joint joint capsule
A03.3.04.002 joint joint of head of rib
A03.5.11.304 joint carpometacarpal joint of thumb
A03.0.00.002 joints bony joints
A03.5.11.101 joints carpal joints
A03.5.11.301 joints carpometacarpal joints
A03.3.06.001 joints costochondral joints
A03.3.04.001 joints costovertebral joints
A03.1.04.001 joints cranial cartilaginous joints
A03.1.00.002 joints cranial fibrous joints
A03.1.06.001 joints cranial synovial joints
A03.5.11.101 joints intercarpal joints
A03.3.07.001 joints interchondral joints
A03.6.10.401 joints intercuneiform joints
A03.5.11.401 joints intermetacarpal joints
A03.6.10.701 joints intermetatarsal joints
A03.5.11.501 joints metacarpophalangeal joints
A03.6.10.801 joints metatarsophalangeal joints
A03.3.05.001 joints sternocostal joints
A03.6.10.601 joints tarsometatarsal joints
A03.3.00.001 joints thoracic joints
A03.2.00.001 joints vertebral joints
A03.2.03.001 joints vertebral synovial joints
A03.2.06.001 joints zygapophysial joints
A03.0.00.000 joints joints
A03.6.10.901 joints interphalangeal joints of foot
A03.6.10.001 joints joints of foot
A03.6.06.001 joints synovial joints of free lower limb
A03.6.04.001 joints joints of free lower limb
A03.5.07.001 joints synovial joints of free upper limb
A03.5.05.001 joints joints of free upper limb
A03.5.11.601 joints interphalangeal joints of hand
A03.5.11.001 joints joints of hand
A03.6.00.001 joints joints of lower limb
A03.5.02.001 joints synovial joints of pectoral girdle
A03.5.00.002 joints joints of pectoral girdle
A03.4.00.001 joints joints of pelvic girdle
A03.5.02.001 joints synovial joints of shoulder girdle
A03.1.00.001 joints joints of skull
A03.3.03.001 joints synovial joints of thorax
A03.5.00.001 joints joints of upper limb
A03.6.08.006 knee transverse ligament of knee
A03.6.08.001 knee knee joint
A03.6.07.008 labrum acetabular labrum
A03.5.08.002 labrum glenoid labrum
A03.0.00.025 labrum labrum
A03.1.02.028 lacrimoconchal lacrimoconchal suture
A03.1.02.027 lacrimomaxillary lacrimomaxillary suture
A03.1.02.004 lambdoid lambdoid suture
A03.2.05.001 lateral lateral atlanto-axial joint
A03.1.08.005 lateral lateral atlanto-occipital ligament
A03.3.04.008 lateral lateral costotransverse ligament
A03.1.07.003 lateral lateral ligament
A03.6.10.008 lateral lateral ligament
A03.6.08.002 lateral lateral meniscus
A03.6.08.017 lateral lateral patellar retinaculum
A03.0.00.055 lateral lateral rotation
A03.2.08.005 lateral lateral sacrococcygeal ligament
A03.6.10.102 lateral lateral talocalcaneal ligament
A03.0.00.027 layer fibrous layer
A03.0.00.028 layer synovial layer
A03.6.05.002 leg interosseous membrane of leg
A03.6.03.009 lesser lesser sciatic foramen
A03.5.03.002 ligament acromioclavicular ligament
A03.1.08.003 ligament anterior atlanto-occipital ligament
A03.6.08.007 ligament anterior cruciate ligament
A03.2.01.007 ligament anterior longitudinal ligament
A03.6.08.003 ligament anterior meniscofemoral ligament
A03.2.08.004 ligament anterior sacrococcygeal ligament
A03.6.03.002 ligament anterior sacro-iliac ligament
A03.5.04.003 ligament anterior sternoclavicular ligament
A03.6.10.009 ligament anterior talofibular ligament
A03.6.05.003 ligament anterior tibiofibular ligament
A03.6.08.014 ligament arcuate popliteal ligament
A03.6.10.511 ligament bifurcate ligament
A03.6.10.513 ligament calcaneocuboid ligament
A03.6.10.011 ligament calcaneofibular ligament
A03.6.10.512 ligament calcaneonavicular ligament
A03.5.03.006 ligament conoid ligament
A03.5.01.002 ligament coraco-acromial ligament
A03.5.03.004 ligament coracoclavicular ligament
A03.5.08.004 ligament coracohumeral ligament
A03.5.04.005 ligament costoclavicular ligament
A03.3.04.006 ligament costotransverse ligament
A03.6.10.504 ligament cuneocuboid interosseous ligament
A03.2.08.003 ligament deep posterior sacrococcygeal ligament
A03.5.11.504 ligament deep transverse metacarpal ligament
A03.6.10.804 ligament deep transverse metatarsal ligament
A03.6.10.003 ligament deltoid ligament
A03.6.10.515 ligament dorsal calcaneocuboid ligament
A03.6.10.510 ligament dorsal cuboideonavicular ligament
A03.6.10.509 ligament dorsal cuneocuboid ligament
A03.6.10.508 ligament dorsal intercuneiform ligament
A03.5.11.003 ligament dorsal radiocarpal ligament
A03.5.11.005 ligament dorsal ulnocarpal ligament
A03.6.08.011 ligament fibular collateral ligament
A03.6.07.003 ligament iliofemoral ligament
A03.2.07.002 ligament iliolumbar ligament
A03.6.02.004 ligament inferior pubic ligament
A03.5.01.004 ligament inferior transverse scapular ligament
A03.5.04.006 ligament interclavicular ligament
A03.6.03.003 ligament interosseous sacro-iliac ligament
A03.3.05.002 ligament intra-articular sternocostal ligament
A03.6.07.006 ligament ischiofemoral ligament
A03.1.07.003 ligament lateral ligament
A03.6.10.008 ligament lateral ligament
A03.1.08.005 ligament lateral atlanto-occipital ligament
A03.3.04.008 ligament lateral costotransverse ligament
A03.2.08.005 ligament lateral sacrococcygeal ligament
A03.6.10.102 ligament lateral talocalcaneal ligament
A03.6.10.517 ligament long plantar ligament
A03.3.04.009 ligament lumbocostal ligament
A03.1.07.004 ligament medial ligament
A03.6.10.003 ligament medial ligament
A03.6.10.103 ligament medial talocalcaneal ligament
A03.2.01.006 ligament nuchal ligament
A03.6.08.013 ligament oblique popliteal ligament
A03.5.11.004 ligament palmar radiocarpal ligament
A03.5.11.006 ligament palmar ulnocarpal ligament
A03.6.08.015 ligament patellar ligament
A03.5.11.108 ligament pisohamate ligament
A03.5.11.109 ligament pisometacarpal ligament
A03.6.10.518 ligament plantar calcaneocuboid ligament
A03.6.10.203 ligament plantar calcaneonavicular ligament
A03.6.10.520 ligament plantar cuboideonavicular ligament
A03.6.10.522 ligament plantar cuneocuboid ligament
A03.6.08.008 ligament posterior cruciate ligament
A03.2.01.008 ligament posterior longitudinal ligament
A03.6.08.004 ligament posterior meniscofemoral ligament
A03.6.03.004 ligament posterior sacro-iliac ligament
A03.5.04.004 ligament posterior sternoclavicular ligament
A03.6.10.104 ligament posterior talocalcaneal ligament
A03.6.10.010 ligament posterior talofibular ligament
A03.6.05.004 ligament posterior tibiofibular ligament
A03.1.01.002 ligament pterygospinous ligament
A03.6.07.007 ligament pubofemoral ligament
A03.5.09.008 ligament quadrate ligament
A03.5.09.006 ligament radial collateral ligament
A03.5.11.103 ligament radiate carpal ligament
A03.6.03.007 ligament sacrospinous ligament
A03.6.03.005 ligament sacrotuberous ligament
A03.6.10.518 ligament short plantar ligament
A03.1.07.007 ligament sphenomandibular ligament
A03.6.10.203 ligament spring ligament
A03.1.01.003 ligament stylohyoid ligament
A03.1.07.008 ligament stylomandibular ligament
A03.2.08.002 ligament superficial posterior sacrococcygeal ligament
A03.3.04.007 ligament superior costotransverse ligament
A03.6.02.003 ligament superior pubic ligament
A03.5.01.003 ligament superior transverse scapular ligament
A03.2.01.005 ligament supraspinous ligament
A03.6.10.503 ligament talocalcaneal interosseous ligament
A03.6.10.507 ligament talonavicular ligament
A03.6.08.012 ligament tibial collateral ligament
A03.6.07.009 ligament transverse acetabular ligament
A03.5.08.005 ligament transverse humeral ligament
A03.5.03.005 ligament trapezoid ligament
A03.5.09.005 ligament ulnar collateral ligament
A03.2.04.004 ligament cruciate ligament of atlas
A03.2.04.006 ligament transverse ligament of atlas
A03.2.04.003 ligament apical ligament of dens
A03.6.09.002 ligament anterior ligament of fibular head
A03.6.09.003 ligament posterior ligament of fibular head
A03.6.07.010 ligament ligament of head of femur
A03.3.04.004 ligament intra-articular ligament of head of rib
A03.3.04.003 ligament radiate ligament of head of rib
A03.6.08.006 ligament transverse ligament of knee
A03.5.09.007 ligament anular ligament of radius
A03.5.11.008 ligament radial collateral ligament of wrist joint
A03.5.11.007 ligament ulnar collateral ligament of wrist joint
A03.2.01.003 ligamenta ligamenta flava
A03.2.04.002 ligaments alar ligaments
A03.0.00.036 ligaments capsular ligaments
A03.5.11.502 ligaments collateral ligaments
A03.5.11.602 ligaments collateral ligaments
A03.6.10.802 ligaments collateral ligaments
A03.6.10.902 ligaments collateral ligaments
A03.3.05.005 ligaments costoxiphoid ligaments
A03.6.10.604 ligaments cuneometatarsal interosseous ligaments
A03.5.11.302 ligaments dorsal carpometacarpal ligaments
A03.6.10.514 ligaments dorsal cuneonavicular ligaments
A03.5.11.104 ligaments dorsal intercarpal ligaments
A03.5.11.402 ligaments dorsal metacarpal ligaments
A03.6.10.703 ligaments dorsal metatarsal ligaments
A03.6.10.506 ligaments dorsal tarsal ligaments
A03.6.10.602 ligaments dorsal tarsometatarsal ligaments
A03.0.00.037 ligaments extracapsular ligaments
A03.5.08.003 ligaments glenohumeral ligaments
A03.6.10.505 ligaments intercuneiform interosseous ligaments
A03.5.11.106 ligaments interosseous intercarpal ligaments
A03.5.11.404 ligaments interosseous metacarpal ligaments
A03.2.01.002 ligaments interspinous ligaments
A03.2.01.004 ligaments intertransverse ligaments
A03.0.00.035 ligaments intracapsular ligaments
A03.6.10.702 ligaments metatarsal interosseous ligaments
A03.5.11.503 ligaments palmar ligaments
A03.5.11.603 ligaments palmar ligaments
A03.5.11.303 ligaments palmar carpometacarpal ligaments
A03.5.11.105 ligaments palmar intercarpal ligaments
A03.5.11.403 ligaments palmar metacarpal ligaments
A03.6.10.803 ligaments plantar ligaments
A03.6.10.903 ligaments plantar ligaments
A03.6.10.519 ligaments plantar cuneonavicular ligaments
A03.6.10.521 ligaments plantar intercuneiform ligaments
A03.6.10.704 ligaments plantar metatarsal ligaments
A03.6.10.516 ligaments plantar tarsal ligaments
A03.6.10.603 ligaments plantar tarsometatarsal ligaments
A03.3.05.003 ligaments radiate sternocostal ligaments
A03.6.10.501 ligaments tarsal ligaments
A03.6.10.502 ligaments tarsal interosseous ligaments
A03.2.01.009 ligaments transverse ligaments
A03.0.00.034 ligaments ligaments
A03.2.01.006 ligamentum ligamentum nuchae
A03.6.04.001 limb joints of free lower limb
A03.5.05.001 limb joints of free upper limb
A03.6.00.001 limb joints of lower limb
A03.5.00.001 limb joints of upper limb
A03.6.06.001 limb synovial joints of free lower limb
A03.5.07.001 limb synovial joints of free upper limb
A03.0.00.011 limbous limbous suture
A03.6.10.517 long long plantar ligament
A03.2.04.005 longitudinal longitudinal bands
A03.2.01.007 longitudinal anterior longitudinal ligament
A03.2.01.008 longitudinal posterior longitudinal ligament
A03.6.00.001 lower joints of lower limb
A03.6.04.001 lower joints of free lower limb
A03.6.06.001 lower synovial joints of free lower limb
A03.3.04.009 lumbocostal lumbocostal ligament
A03.2.07.001 lumbosacral lumbosacral joint
A03.3.02.006 manubriosternal manubriosternal joint
A03.3.02.007 manubriosternal manubriosternal synchondrosis
A03.1.07.004 medial medial ligament
A03.6.10.003 medial medial ligament
A03.6.08.005 medial medial meniscus
A03.6.08.016 medial medial patellar retinaculum
A03.0.00.056 medial medial rotation
A03.6.10.103 medial medial talocalcaneal ligament
A03.2.04.001 median median atlanto-axial joint
A03.1.02.032 median median palatine suture
A03.1.08.002 membrane anterior atlanto-occipital membrane
A03.3.01.002 membrane external intercostal membrane
A03.0.00.027 membrane fibrous membrane
A03.1.07.006 membrane inferior synovial membrane
A03.3.01.003 membrane internal intercostal membrane
A03.0.00.007 membrane interosseous membrane
A03.6.01.002 membrane obturator membrane
A03.1.03.002 membrane periodontal membrane
A03.1.08.004 membrane posterior atlanto-occipital membrane
A03.3.05.004 membrane sternal membrane
A03.1.07.005 membrane superior synovial membrane
A03.0.00.028 membrane synovial membrane
A03.2.04.007 membrane tectorial membrane
A03.5.06.002 membrane interosseous membrane of forearm
A03.6.05.002 membrane interosseous membrane of leg
A03.6.08.003 meniscofemoral anterior meniscofemoral ligament
A03.6.08.004 meniscofemoral posterior meniscofemoral ligament
A03.6.08.002 meniscus lateral meniscus
A03.6.08.005 meniscus medial meniscus
A03.0.00.033 meniscus meniscus
A03.5.11.504 metacarpal deep transverse metacarpal ligament
A03.5.11.402 metacarpal dorsal metacarpal ligaments
A03.5.11.404 metacarpal interosseous metacarpal ligaments
A03.5.11.403 metacarpal palmar metacarpal ligaments
A03.5.11.405 metacarpal interosseous metacarpal spaces
A03.5.11.501 metacarpophalangeal metacarpophalangeal joints
A03.6.10.702 metatarsal metatarsal interosseous ligaments
A03.6.10.804 metatarsal deep transverse metatarsal ligament
A03.6.10.703 metatarsal dorsal metatarsal ligaments
A03.6.10.704 metatarsal plantar metatarsal ligaments
A03.6.10.801 metatarsophalangeal metatarsophalangeal joints
A03.5.11.102 midcarpal midcarpal joint
A03.1.02.026 nasomaxillary nasomaxillary suture
A03.2.01.006 nuchae ligamentum nuchae
A03.2.01.006 nuchal nuchal ligament
A03.2.02.005 nucleus nucleus pulposus
A03.5.06.003 oblique oblique cord
A03.6.08.013 oblique oblique popliteal ligament
A03.6.01.003 obturator obturator canal
A03.6.01.002 obturator obturator membrane
A03.1.02.005 occipitomastoid occipitomastoid suture
A03.0.00.062 opposition opposition
A03.6.07.002 orbicularis zona orbicularis
A03.6.08.018 pad infrapatellar fat pad
A03.1.02.032 palatine median palatine suture
A03.1.02.033 palatine transverse palatine suture
A03.1.02.031 palato-ethmoidal palato-ethmoidal suture
A03.1.02.030 palatomaxillary palatomaxillary suture
A03.5.11.303 palmar palmar carpometacarpal ligaments
A03.5.11.105 palmar palmar intercarpal ligaments
A03.5.11.503 palmar palmar ligaments
A03.5.11.603 palmar palmar ligaments
A03.5.11.403 palmar palmar metacarpal ligaments
A03.5.11.004 palmar palmar radiocarpal ligament
A03.5.11.006 palmar palmar ulnocarpal ligament
A03.1.02.011 parietomastoid parietomastoid suture
A03.6.10.006 part anterior tibiotalar part
A03.6.07.005 part descending part
A03.6.10.007 part posterior tibiotalar part
A03.6.10.005 part tibiocalcaneal part
A03.6.10.004 part tibionavicular part
A03.6.07.004 part transverse part
A03.6.08.015 patellar patellar ligament
A03.6.08.017 patellar lateral patellar retinaculum
A03.6.08.016 patellar medial patellar retinaculum
A03.5.00.002 pectoral joints of pectoral girdle
A03.5.01.001 pectoral syndesmoses of pectoral girdle
A03.5.02.001 pectoral synovial joints of pectoral girdle
A03.4.00.001 pelvic joints of pelvic girdle
A03.6.01.001 pelvic syndesmoses of pelvic girdle
A03.1.03.006 periodontal periodontal fibre
A03.1.03.002 periodontal periodontal membrane
A03.1.03.005 periodontium inserting periodontium
A03.1.03.002 periodontium periodontium
A03.1.05.004 petro-occipital petro-occipital synchondrosis
A03.5.11.107 pisiform pisiform joint
A03.5.11.108 pisohamate pisohamate ligament
A03.5.11.109 pisometacarpal pisometacarpal ligament
A03.0.00.045 pivot pivot joint
A03.0.00.043 plane plane joint
A03.0.00.009 plane plane suture
A03.6.10.518 plantar plantar calcaneocuboid ligament
A03.6.10.203 plantar plantar calcaneonavicular ligament
A03.6.10.520 plantar plantar cuboideonavicular ligament
A03.6.10.522 plantar plantar cuneocuboid ligament
A03.6.10.519 plantar plantar cuneonavicular ligaments
A03.6.10.521 plantar plantar intercuneiform ligaments
A03.6.10.517 plantar long plantar ligament
A03.6.10.518 plantar short plantar ligament
A03.6.10.803 plantar plantar ligaments
A03.6.10.903 plantar plantar ligaments
A03.6.10.704 plantar plantar metatarsal ligaments
A03.6.10.516 plantar plantar tarsal ligaments
A03.6.10.603 plantar plantar tarsometatarsal ligaments
A03.6.08.014 popliteal arcuate popliteal ligament
A03.6.08.013 popliteal oblique popliteal ligament
A03.1.08.004 posterior posterior atlanto-occipital membrane
A03.6.08.008 posterior posterior cruciate ligament
A03.1.05.006 posterior posterior intra-occipital synchondrosis
A03.6.09.003 posterior posterior ligament of fibular head
A03.2.01.008 posterior posterior longitudinal ligament
A03.6.08.004 posterior posterior meniscofemoral ligament
A03.2.08.003 posterior deep posterior sacrococcygeal ligament
A03.2.08.002 posterior superficial posterior sacrococcygeal ligament
A03.6.03.004 posterior posterior sacro-iliac ligament
A03.5.04.004 posterior posterior sternoclavicular ligament
A03.6.10.104 posterior posterior talocalcaneal ligament
A03.6.10.010 posterior posterior talofibular ligament
A03.6.05.004 posterior posterior tibiofibular ligament
A03.6.10.007 posterior posterior tibiotalar part
A03.0.00.018 primary primary cartilaginous joint
A03.6.03.006 process falciform process
A03.0.00.060 pronation pronation
A03.5.09.004 proximal proximal radio-ulnar joint
A03.1.01.002 pterygospinous pterygospinous ligament
A03.6.02.004 pubic inferior pubic ligament
A03.6.02.003 pubic superior pubic ligament
A03.6.02.001 pubic pubic symphysis
A03.6.07.007 pubofemoral pubofemoral ligament
A03.2.02.005 pulposus nucleus pulposus
A03.5.09.008 quadrate quadrate ligament
A03.5.09.006 radial radial collateral ligament
A03.5.11.008 radial radial collateral ligament of wrist joint
A03.5.11.103 radiate radiate carpal ligament
A03.3.04.003 radiate radiate ligament of head of rib
A03.3.05.003 radiate radiate sternocostal ligaments
A03.5.11.003 radiocarpal dorsal radiocarpal ligament
A03.5.11.004 radiocarpal palmar radiocarpal ligament
A03.5.10.001 radio-ulnar distal radio-ulnar joint
A03.5.09.004 radio-ulnar proximal radio-ulnar joint
A03.5.06.001 radio-ulnar radio-ulnar syndesmosis
A03.5.09.007 radius anular ligament of radius
A03.0.00.038 recess articular recess
A03.5.09.009 recess sacciform recess
A03.5.10.003 recess sacciform recess
A03.0.00.063 reposition reposition
A03.6.08.017 retinaculum lateral patellar retinaculum
A03.6.08.016 retinaculum medial patellar retinaculum
A03.3.04.004 rib intra-articular ligament of head of rib
A03.3.04.002 rib joint of head of rib
A03.3.04.003 rib radiate ligament of head of rib
A03.3.02.003 rib synchondrosis of first rib
A03.0.00.055 rotation external rotation
A03.0.00.056 rotation internal rotation
A03.0.00.055 rotation lateral rotation
A03.0.00.056 rotation medial rotation
A03.5.09.009 sacciform sacciform recess
A03.5.10.003 sacciform sacciform recess
A03.2.08.001 sacrococcygeal sacrococcygeal joint
A03.2.08.004 sacrococcygeal anterior sacrococcygeal ligament
A03.2.08.003 sacrococcygeal deep posterior sacrococcygeal ligament
A03.2.08.005 sacrococcygeal lateral sacrococcygeal ligament
A03.2.08.002 sacrococcygeal superficial posterior sacrococcygeal ligament
A03.6.03.001 sacro-iliac sacro-iliac joint
A03.6.03.002 sacro-iliac anterior sacro-iliac ligament
A03.6.03.003 sacro-iliac interosseous sacro-iliac ligament
A03.6.03.004 sacro-iliac posterior sacro-iliac ligament
A03.6.03.007 sacrospinous sacrospinous ligament
A03.6.03.005 sacrotuberous sacrotuberous ligament
A03.0.00.048 saddle saddle joint
A03.1.02.003 sagittal sagittal suture
A03.5.01.004 scapular inferior transverse scapular ligament
A03.5.01.003 scapular superior transverse scapular ligament
A03.0.00.014 schindylesis schindylesis
A03.6.03.008 sciatic greater sciatic foramen
A03.6.03.009 sciatic lesser sciatic foramen
A03.0.00.017 secondary secondary cartilaginous joint
A03.0.00.012 serrate serrate suture
A03.0.00.040 sheath synovial sheath
A03.6.10.518 short short plantar ligament
A03.5.01.001 shoulder syndesmoses of shoulder girdle
A03.5.02.001 shoulder synovial joints of shoulder girdle
A03.5.08.001 shoulder shoulder joint
A03.0.00.041 simple simple joint
A03.1.00.001 skull joints of skull
A03.0.00.006 socket socket
A03.0.00.050 socket ball and socket joint
A03.6.10.705 spaces intermetatarsal spaces
A03.5.11.405 spaces interosseous metacarpal spaces
A03.1.02.007 spheno-ethmoidal spheno-ethmoidal suture
A03.1.05.008 spheno-ethmoidal spheno-ethmoidal synchondrosis
A03.1.02.006 sphenofrontal sphenofrontal suture
A03.1.07.007 sphenomandibular sphenomandibular ligament
A03.1.02.023 sphenomaxillary sphenomaxillary suture
A03.1.05.002 spheno-occipital spheno-occipital synchondrosis
A03.1.02.009 sphenoparietal sphenoparietal suture
A03.1.05.003 sphenopetrosal sphenopetrosal synchondrosis
A03.1.02.008 sphenosquamous sphenosquamous suture
A03.1.02.021 sphenovomerine sphenovomerine suture
A03.1.02.022 sphenozygomatic sphenozygomatic suture
A03.0.00.050 spheroidal spheroidal joint
A03.6.10.203 spring spring ligament
A03.1.02.012 squamomastoid squamomastoid suture
A03.0.00.010 squamous squamous suture
A03.1.02.010 squamous squamous suture
A03.3.05.004 sternal sternal membrane
A03.3.02.004 sternal sternal synchondroses
A03.5.04.001 sternoclavicular sternoclavicular joint
A03.5.04.003 sternoclavicular anterior sternoclavicular ligament
A03.5.04.004 sternoclavicular posterior sternoclavicular ligament
A03.3.05.001 sternocostal sternocostal joints
A03.3.05.002 sternocostal intra-articular sternocostal ligament
A03.3.05.003 sternocostal radiate sternocostal ligaments
A03.1.01.003 stylohyoid stylohyoid ligament
A03.1.07.008 stylomandibular stylomandibular ligament
A03.6.10.101 subtalar subtalar joint
A03.2.08.002 superficial superficial posterior sacrococcygeal ligament
A03.3.04.007 superior superior costotransverse ligament
A03.6.02.003 superior superior pubic ligament
A03.1.07.005 superior superior synovial membrane
A03.6.09.001 superior superior tibiofibular joint
A03.5.01.003 superior superior transverse scapular ligament
A03.0.00.061 supination supination
A03.2.01.005 supraspinous supraspinous ligament
A03.0.00.021 surface articular surface
A03.1.02.002 suture coronal suture
A03.0.00.013 suture denticulate suture
A03.1.02.020 suture ethmoidolacrimal suture
A03.1.02.019 suture ethmoidomaxillary suture
A03.1.02.014 suture fronto-ethmoidal suture
A03.1.02.016 suture frontolacrimal suture
A03.1.02.015 suture frontomaxillary suture
A03.1.02.013 suture frontonasal suture
A03.1.02.017 suture frontozygomatic suture
A03.1.02.029 suture intermaxillary suture
A03.1.02.025 suture internasal suture
A03.1.02.028 suture lacrimoconchal suture
A03.1.02.027 suture lacrimomaxillary suture
A03.1.02.004 suture lambdoid suture
A03.0.00.011 suture limbous suture
A03.1.02.032 suture median palatine suture
A03.1.02.026 suture nasomaxillary suture
A03.1.02.005 suture occipitomastoid suture
A03.1.02.031 suture palato-ethmoidal suture
A03.1.02.030 suture palatomaxillary suture
A03.1.02.011 suture parietomastoid suture
A03.0.00.009 suture plane suture
A03.1.02.003 suture sagittal suture
A03.0.00.012 suture serrate suture
A03.1.02.007 suture spheno-ethmoidal suture
A03.1.02.006 suture sphenofrontal suture
A03.1.02.023 suture sphenomaxillary suture
A03.1.02.009 suture sphenoparietal suture
A03.1.02.008 suture sphenosquamous suture
A03.1.02.021 suture sphenovomerine suture
A03.1.02.022 suture sphenozygomatic suture
A03.1.02.012 suture squamomastoid suture
A03.0.00.010 suture squamous suture
A03.1.02.010 suture squamous suture
A03.1.02.024 suture temporozygomatic suture
A03.1.02.033 suture transverse palatine suture
A03.1.02.018 suture zygomaticomaxillary suture
A03.0.00.008 suture suture
A03.1.02.001 sutures cranial sutures
A03.6.02.001 symphysis pubic symphysis
A03.0.00.017 symphysis symphysis
A03.0.00.003 synarthrosis synarthrosis
A03.1.05.001 synchondroses cranial synchondroses
A03.3.02.004 synchondroses sternal synchondroses
A03.3.02.001 synchondroses synchondroses of thorax
A03.2.02.001 synchondroses synchondroses of vertebral column
A03.1.05.007 synchondrosis anterior intra-occipital synchondrosis
A03.3.02.007 synchondrosis manubriosternal synchondrosis
A03.1.05.004 synchondrosis petro-occipital synchondrosis
A03.1.05.006 synchondrosis posterior intra-occipital synchondrosis
A03.1.05.008 synchondrosis spheno-ethmoidal synchondrosis
A03.1.05.002 synchondrosis spheno-occipital synchondrosis
A03.1.05.003 synchondrosis sphenopetrosal synchondrosis
A03.0.00.016 synchondrosis synchondrosis
A03.3.02.003 synchondrosis synchondrosis of first rib
A03.1.01.001 syndesmoses cranial syndesmoses
A03.5.01.001 syndesmoses syndesmoses of pectoral girdle
A03.6.01.001 syndesmoses syndesmoses of pelvic girdle
A03.5.01.001 syndesmoses syndesmoses of shoulder girdle
A03.3.01.001 syndesmoses syndesmoses of thorax
A03.2.01.001 syndesmoses syndesmoses of vertebral column
A03.1.03.001 syndesmosis dento-alveolar syndesmosis
A03.5.06.001 syndesmosis radio-ulnar syndesmosis
A03.6.05.001 syndesmosis tibiofibular syndesmosis
A03.0.00.005 syndesmosis syndesmosis
A03.0.00.019 synostosis synostosis
A03.0.00.039 synovial synovial bursa
A03.0.00.031 synovial synovial fluid
A03.6.08.009 synovial infrapatellar synovial fold
A03.0.00.029 synovial synovial folds
A03.0.00.020 synovial synovial joint
A03.1.06.001 synovial cranial synovial joints
A03.2.03.001 synovial vertebral synovial joints
A03.6.06.001 synovial synovial joints of free lower limb
A03.5.07.001 synovial synovial joints of free upper limb
A03.5.02.001 synovial synovial joints of pectoral girdle
A03.5.02.001 synovial synovial joints of shoulder girdle
A03.3.03.001 synovial synovial joints of thorax
A03.0.00.028 synovial synovial layer
A03.1.07.006 synovial inferior synovial membrane
A03.1.07.005 synovial superior synovial membrane
A03.0.00.028 synovial synovial membrane
A03.0.00.040 synovial synovial sheath
A03.0.00.030 synovial synovial villi
A03.0.00.000 system articular system
A03.6.10.503 talocalcaneal talocalcaneal interosseous ligament
A03.6.10.101 talocalcaneal talocalcaneal joint
A03.6.10.102 talocalcaneal lateral talocalcaneal ligament
A03.6.10.103 talocalcaneal medial talocalcaneal ligament
A03.6.10.104 talocalcaneal posterior talocalcaneal ligament
A03.6.10.202 talocalcaneonavicular talocalcaneonavicular joint
A03.6.10.009 talofibular anterior talofibular ligament
A03.6.10.010 talofibular posterior talofibular ligament
A03.6.10.507 talonavicular talonavicular ligament
A03.6.10.502 tarsal tarsal interosseous ligaments
A03.6.10.201 tarsal transverse tarsal joint
A03.6.10.506 tarsal dorsal tarsal ligaments
A03.6.10.516 tarsal plantar tarsal ligaments
A03.6.10.501 tarsal tarsal ligaments
A03.6.10.601 tarsometatarsal tarsometatarsal joints
A03.6.10.602 tarsometatarsal dorsal tarsometatarsal ligaments
A03.6.10.603 tarsometatarsal plantar tarsometatarsal ligaments
A03.2.04.007 tectorial tectorial membrane
A03.1.07.001 temporomandibular temporomandibular joint
A03.1.02.024 temporozygomatic temporozygomatic suture
A03.3.00.001 thoracic thoracic joints
A03.3.02.001 thorax synchondroses of thorax
A03.3.01.001 thorax syndesmoses of thorax
A03.3.03.001 thorax synovial joints of thorax
A03.5.11.304 thumb carpometacarpal joint of thumb
A03.6.08.012 tibial tibial collateral ligament
A03.6.10.005 tibiocalcaneal tibiocalcaneal part
A03.6.05.001 tibiofibular inferior tibiofibular joint
A03.6.09.001 tibiofibular superior tibiofibular joint
A03.6.09.001 tibiofibular tibiofibular joint
A03.6.05.003 tibiofibular anterior tibiofibular ligament
A03.6.05.004 tibiofibular posterior tibiofibular ligament
A03.6.05.001 tibiofibular tibiofibular syndesmosis
A03.6.10.004 tibionavicular tibionavicular part
A03.6.10.006 tibiotalar anterior tibiotalar part
A03.6.10.007 tibiotalar posterior tibiotalar part
A03.6.07.009 transverse transverse acetabular ligament
A03.5.08.005 transverse transverse humeral ligament
A03.2.04.006 transverse transverse ligament of atlas
A03.6.08.006 transverse transverse ligament of knee
A03.2.01.009 transverse transverse ligaments
A03.5.11.504 transverse deep transverse metacarpal ligament
A03.6.10.804 transverse deep transverse metatarsal ligament
A03.1.02.033 transverse transverse palatine suture
A03.6.07.004 transverse transverse part
A03.5.01.004 transverse inferior transverse scapular ligament
A03.5.01.003 transverse superior transverse scapular ligament
A03.6.10.201 transverse transverse tarsal joint
A03.5.03.005 trapezoid trapezoid ligament
A03.5.11.201 tunnel carpal tunnel
A03.5.11.202 ulnar ulnar canal
A03.5.09.005 ulnar ulnar collateral ligament
A03.5.11.007 ulnar ulnar collateral ligament of wrist joint
A03.5.11.005 ulnocarpal dorsal ulnocarpal ligament
A03.5.11.006 ulnocarpal palmar ulnocarpal ligament
A03.0.00.019 union bony union
A03.5.00.001 upper joints of upper limb
A03.5.05.001 upper joints of free upper limb
A03.5.07.001 upper synovial joints of free upper limb
A03.2.02.001 vertebral synchondroses of vertebral column
A03.2.01.001 vertebral syndesmoses of vertebral column
A03.2.00.001 vertebral vertebral joints
A03.2.03.001 vertebral vertebral synovial joints
A03.0.00.030 villi synovial villi
A03.5.11.008 wrist radial collateral ligament of wrist joint
A03.5.11.007 wrist ulnar collateral ligament of wrist joint
A03.5.11.002 wrist wrist joint
A03.3.02.005 xiphisternal xiphisternal joint
A03.6.07.002 zona zona orbicularis
A03.2.06.001 zygapophysial zygapophysial joints
A03.1.02.018 zygomaticomaxillary zygomaticomaxillary suture
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