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The TA98 lists are accessible in several languages and options. The official language of Terminologia Anatomica is Latin and the available languages are currently English, French, Spanish or Russian. On this page you select a couple of languages: the main language in left-most position, the subsidiary language in second position and the interface language in right-most position.

The different languages are coming from the official translations in English, Spanish and Russian, and from an unpublished translation in French, not officially validated.

The selection on this page conditions the navigation to follow regarding the languages in use, unless an explicit move is required by the user.

The four top selections are recommended for users fluent in Latin, selecting their native language as subsidiary language. Here, the interface language is always English. But users preferring accessing the terminology in their native language, must favor the four bottom selections. Here the interface is always their native language and Latin remains present as subsidiary language.

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